20+ Social Networking Tips

Social media is paving the way for the future of online marketing and search. Most new sites we find are a result of social media. All the major search engines (especially Google) are using major social media sites to help them identify what everybody is interested in. Years ago, whoever had the most links, won. Then recently, whoever had the best links, won. NOW, whoever is talked about and is shared the most, wins.

Social media factors don’t replace old factors such as total backlink count and title tags. They are just additional tasks that need to be accomplished. But remember, if you site is TRULY interesting, social media isn’t really extra work, because naturally others with like, share, tweet, plus, etc your website without you having to actively promote it. But initially, you have to do something to get the ball rolling. Below are a few tips to get your website moving in the right direction (up or virally);


  1. Create a Facebook business profile (with catchy welcome page and/or profile picture)
  2. Encourage friends to ‘like’ your business profile
  3. Make friends with high followed profiles and comment on their likes and statuses
  4. Drip share various pages of your website on business wall, between statuses
  5. Share the most interesting videos in your niche on your business wall (unless it belongs to the competition)


  1. Create a Twitter page for business (with background & unique profile pic)
  2. Sync Twitter w/Facebook so you only have to do one or the other
  3. Submit Twitter profile to twitter directories: http://blog.tvider.com/2010/04/02/top-8-twitter-directories/
  4. Make friends with everyone that tweets your target keywords


  1. Create a channel (Fill in about me section with keywords and add website URL)
  2. Comment on videos with your target keywords in the title
  3. Comment on most popular YouTube channels in niche
  4. Comment on videos that rank on Google for your target keywords


  1. Join the following networks and fill in all details when joining
  2. Vote, share, like, comment, or anything at least once at each site
  • Delicious
  • StumbleUpon
  • Reddit
  • Digg

GOOGLE PLUS (best for last)

  1. Make sure you have a personal profile
  2. Create a Business profile
  3. Do these Google Plus Strategies

EXTRA – If you still want more, or have the time..

  1. Join more social networks, create full profiles at each, make friends with users and ‘network’
  2. Use the AdditctOmatic tool to search all networks mentioning your keyword & comment or create some type of connection between your profile and the user, post, tweet, etc.


  1. Make sure it’s easy to share every page of your website via the popular social networks

This way, should someone come to your site and like it, it’s easy for them to share it. In fact, it can’t hurt to use verbiage to encourage sharing.

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