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The # In Your URL: What It Means & Why You Should Care

You have probably seen it in hundreds or thousands of URL’s but never considered its significance. That little # actually does quite a lot on a web page. It can have a huge impact on the way content is displayed

The Big Data Drop

As we draw close to 2015, let the flood gates open. The gates of 2015 woes and the promise of 2016.  It’s always enjoyable reading everyones predictions and guesswork as to what is going to be the next big thing,

9 Tips for Hosting a Twitter Chat

As a marketer, I’m always looking for creative and effective ways to get my clients more exposure. Even if a brand has found their “groove” in a particular marketing channel, it’s important to try new ways of leveraging common tools

You Got 6 Seconds

Everyone’s doing it, Even us. While Vine is well past it’s time in the spotlight, its still stands strong as a platform holding its ground in the creative landscape. Twitter launched the app in 2013, and since then it has

Immerse Yourself: The Future of Mobile ads

With over 1 billion people on Facebook, and more than half of those users active on the app, you’d think that humans were beginning to lose their touch…. Not exactly. All thanks to mobile, we’ve gotten used to living in

How to Choose the Right CMS for Your Business

Image courtesy of: Atlanta Computer What is a CMS? A Content Management System (CMS) is a web application that uses a database to create, edit, and store HTML in a manageable way. They have grown immensely in popularity over the

BrightHaus is Expanding its PPC Team

BrightHaus is expanding its PPC team and would like to hear from you if you fit the bill. We are a national Digital Marketing firm looking for an organized, experienced and motivated PPC Specialist to join our team of professionals.