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Google Cracking Down on Pop-Ups in January

BY Brighthaus Staff

09 Jan 2017

San Diego Web Design

BrightHaus’ Design Team Wins Top Agency Award

BY Brighthaus Staff

29 Sep 2016

Penguin 4.0 Is Finally Here

BY Richie Lauridsen

23 Sep 2016

This Is Going To Change The Way You Text

BY Dylan Taylor

20 Sep 2016

Instagram For Business

BY Brighthaus Staff

10 Aug 2016

Messaging: Public vs. Private

BY Dylan Taylor

08 Jul 2016

Facebook Video Made Easy

BY Cory Wagner

01 Jul 2016

3 Productivity Tips & Tricks for Handling Multiple Projects

As a digital marketer, we’ve got a lot on our plates. From managing different tools and to-dos, to working on emails and follow-ups on behalf of different brands with unique objectives, different projects involving disparate teams, and of course the research and technical know-how needed to effectively strategize, our role involves a lot of switching gears and multi-tasking. Managing between such different tasks is no easy feat, but there are a couple of different techniques that make managing such a challenging workload just a little bit more manageable

BY Richie Lauridsen

15 Jun 2016

Using Goals and Micro-Conversions in Analytics to Match Your Customer Funnel

Often, when webmasters and business owners try to identify the ultimate purpose of their website, they think of one thing: Sales. Increasing revenue is often the number one purpose for any given website, no matter what the business. While different types of businesses have different ways to increase revenue, it’s pretty typical that most business owners and marketing managers are primarily concerned about the site’s impact on their bottom line before anything else.

BY Richie Lauridsen

23 May 2016

3 Online Marketing Tips for Small Businesses to Yield Big Results

Running a small business is among one of the most rewarding things a person can do. At times, however, it can also be the most challenging. While search engines have made it possible for small mom and pop shops to

BY Megan Caputo

04 May 2016

Restoration Hardware just killed it’s sale program, and profited in the meantime!

Last week , Gary Friedman of Restoration Hardware, one of this century’s most successful furniture brands, sent out an email to his customer database advising them of a big change. They were killing off their regular sale events. And by regular, I mean at least once a month.

BY Michael Harbron

22 Mar 2016