How To Build Buzz For Your Company’s Social Media Page

  Is your social media lacking a little…let’s say– finesse? Feeling like you could use a facelift or maybe your brand is undertaking a redesign? What matters is that you keep your brand consistent with your online personality, because without that, who are you really talking to? As we all know, social media acts as a funnel between brand and customer, a two-way street, that can so desperately turn into a head on collision if not properly driven. With that in mind, maybe it is time to spruce up your social media profiles and start getting traction for your brand. Just last week, Facebook changed it’s “friends” and “groups” icon to better suite both genders. Prior to this change, the female was undoubtedly in the male’s shadow. Whether or not this was intentional, it only took one designer to notice this and one person to bring the issue to the forefront. The longevity and success of a company’s social media presence is determined by its ability to keep up. Maintaining your profiles outside of the daily blurp is important in keeping your customers close, your competitors closer and new business booming. However, sprucing up your social media profiles is easier said than done. With guidance from the greatest online profiles, here are five simple things to consider when creating buzz for your brand:

Stay Relevant

Brands are important cultural influencers. Staying relevant on your social media profiles can be a daunting task, especially dependent on your industry. However, the ability to do so can voice out wonders to the online community. Keeping up “with the times”, as one would say, can really spark an interest to your audience on similar stands they may have, too. To some, this is a vulnerable position for a company, but the “risk” of igniting the conversation with another audience can strengthen the relationship between company and consumer far more than another #MotivationMonday post.  

  *Buffer, amongst many others, took a stand this year. #LoveWins


Key Takeaway: By introducing stands on relevant topics, you show that you are a thought leader. In turn, thought provoking topics help nourish customer engagement.

Infuse A Little Humor

Running a company is serious business, but that doesn’t mean your social media channels have to be. Adding a touch of humor can make your brand memorable, conversational and improves the likelihood of shares to a different audience. However, humor does rely on the right tone. If it fits your audience, a good pun or funny meme can initiate an emotional connection with the consumer and quite possibly a moment of relief from the feed. A good laugh can take some pressure off of our overtime eyelids.   

*Easily one of the funniest profiles, Arby’s keeps the audience laughing even when they’re not hungry!

  Key Takeaway: People like funny. Whether or not they can relate, they will find a way. Increase exposure (with or without a curated hashtag) and the likelihood to reach another audience also increases.

Add Video

Social Media Marketing is increasingly visual. In order for your brand to stand out, think outside the box and start incorporating video content into your conversation. Based on the people of today *cough cough Millennials*, video is in demand, convenient and easy to understand. Emotionally speaking, enhancing your conversation with the consumer through video is one way to make brand recognition last a lifetime. Thankfully there are options, so between live-streaming video apps such as Periscope and Meerkat, to the traditionally used YouTube or to the ever so trendy Snapchat, you can reach anyone and everyone.  

*Coca-Cola (est. 1886) has passed through family generations and is an expert at making life-long memories with it’s customers.

  Key Takeaway: Reinforcing your content with video improves the reach and retention of your posts.

Use Social Campaigns To Promote Content

As a company page, you’re stripped of the organic privileges at an equal opportunity for advertising space (hint: pay to play). Social networks are gearing more towards “personal” content, thus making it difficult for businesses to get in front of new audiences. While this is great for our personal (and very noisy) newsfeeds, the business page must now pay the price. If you’re looking to promote a contest, blog post, product or service, the post will need some money behind it. Don’t fret, because it isn’t expensive. Anything helps, even $10 can get your post from 3 views to thousands.   

*In this case, $10 increased reach by 5000 percent!

  Key Takeaway: You have to “pay-to-play”. Without a paid campaign, social media efforts are unheard and you give your paying competitors an opportunity at the company’s expense.

Run A Giveaway

Who doesn’t like free stuff?! Running a sweepstakes, giveaway, or photo contest can amp up the enthusiasm for your business. Many times, what you want the customer to do is already being done, people just want to be told what to do (aka Call-To-Action). Adding a special discount or a prize into the mix gives users an incentive to opt in. In doing so, you can acquire more email subscribers, Twitter and Instagram Followers, and/or Facebook Page Likes, etc. Thankfully, there are Website apps such as Woobox that make life easier with step-by-step instructions.  

*Expedia makes it an easy task – use a photo you already have and #tagit.

  Key Takeaway: Empower your audience by returning the favor – “You scratch my back, I scratch yours!”


By introducing some– or maybe all– of the tips above, it’s only a matter of time before you start seeing a spike in your Social Media presence. Your company’s social media profiles act as a hub of endless opportunity when properly used, so why not utilize it? Without this integral part of your plan, business can be lost and you can painstakingly watch your competitors leverage your downfalls.  

Google and Twitter Sitting in a Tree…

Image courtesy of Andreas Eldh.   If there is one thing that is constant in the ever changing landscape of the digital world, it’s that the Internet loves a good partnership. In the past few months we’ve seen unions between Twitter and Meerkat, Twitter and Foursquare, Twitter and Periscope, are you picking up on the trend, here? However, the partnership that we’ve been keeping a close eye on is the Twitter and Google deal, that was announced this past February. For those who don’t know, Twitter and Google are “exes”, if you will. Meaning this isn’t the first time the duo has partnered up. Their last official partnership ended in 2011 for undisclosed reasons, or as some may say, “irreconcilable differences”. The 2009 deal was similar to what Google and Twitter are promising now, integrating tweets into search pages. Fast forward six years and the partnership is announcing tweets showing in search pages –– but now in real time.   So, how exactly is Google going to accomplish this? The search engine now has access to the stream of tweets known as “firehose”, which sprays nearly 9,000 tweets per second. Back in the day, Google used to crawl Twitter in order to highlight specific tweets in the search results. Unfortunately, this didn’t work out very well and the partnership fell apart. But now, with complete access to firehose, Google can now crawl Twitter at an appropriate rate, without having to worry about a server meltdown. The rollout is expected to take place in the next few months, and while we may not know the specific launch date, we do know that the SEO and social media integration will now be more important than ever.   So what does the partnership mean for your marketing efforts? Here are five important things to keep in mind:  

1. SEO Strategies Will Apply to Tweets 

One of the most important changes to note is that Google will now start to index tweets. However, just like your web pages, not every tweet will show up in search results. Content is king in Google’s world and if your tweets do not contain the correctly optimized content, they won’t be seen. The best way for brands to capitalize on this is to ensure integration between their social and search teams to create a cohesive user experience across all channels. Optimizing tweets to contain high-value phrases will be key.

2. Tweets= Ads

With the integration into Google search results, Twitter’s organic reach is going to be booming. While you may not be utilizing Twitter ad campaigns, there is no better time than now to leverage this new reach by treating each tweet as an ad or landing page. This means including call-to-actions and links in your tweets so consumers are encouraged to take a specific action. Simple branded tweets will no longer be effective, a happy medium between branding and call-to-action will be vital in grabbing your customers attention and clearly relaying what you have to offer. It is important to mention that consuming yourself with a sales mentality could turn off your current loyal following. Twitter users are looking for brands who are able to effectively communicate a combination of promotional and branded tweets. Don’t overwhelm your followers by coming off at strictly sales-focused.  

3. Monitor Twitter Engagement in Real Time

Real time search results means that anything and everything your followers say about your brand will have the ability to become more visible through Google. The downside to the Twitter-Google mashup is that any negative exposure to your brand will not be filtered out by Google. Because their algorithms focus on keywords and content, it is possible that someone bashing your brand via Twitter could have their tweets show up in a Google search, depending on the relevance of the search query. So what does this mean for brands? Monitoring Twitter engagement will be more important than ever. Negative exposure on social media is inevitable and how you respond to the negativity will make all the difference. Tackle the comments head on. That way, when other users come across these statements, they will also see your engagement and know that the brand has done everything in their power to make the situation right.  

4. Earned Media is on the Rise

Simply put, earned media “refers to publicity gained through promotional efforts other than advertising”. This means that word of mouth, Facebook comments, Twitter mentions and replies, reviews and a variety of other unpaid media recognition, is all valuable to your marketing strategy. Earned media is one of the best ways to establish brand credibility and awareness. And the best part? You’re not paying for it!  Since your tweets are likely to end up in Google’s search results, the impact of your overall search visibility will directly affect your organic reach. Knowing that your exposure on social media is likely to increase, make sure your website is optimized properly for an increase in traffic.  

5. Think Before You Tweet

If there is anything that we can all agree on about the Internet, it’s that once you’ve put something online, it’s never coming down. The digital world is forever and just because your tweets were pushed down the feed, doesn’t mean they can’t be accessed all day, everyday. Relevance has been advocated by marketing agencies for years, and since brands can’t control which tweets will show up at the top of Google, evergreen content should become a priority. The goal of Google search is to provide valuable content in real-time, and what better way to do that then to partner up with Twitter. There is no doubt that this new endeavor will have a substantial impact on marketing strategies moving forward. While some of us may be skeptical due to the failed partnership in 2011, the new-and-improved union is sure to leave it’s mark on the way search, social, and marketing will coincide in 2015 and beyond.

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