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Meet Our Owner – Billy Canu

Every so often, at SEOhaus we like to steer away from the norm and deliver something different to your inbox. In one of today’s posts, we want to introduce you to SEOhaus’ owner, Billy Canu.   Billy is a 30 year old entrepreneur from Denver, Colorado who has quite the resume, from the age of 20 […]

You Just Got 404’D

We’ve discussed the importance of being familiar Google’s Webmaster Tools and how helpful it can be maximizing your sites ability to be ranked and identifying any issues that may be holding you back.  As you build and expand your site, there will be times when pages get moved, URL’s get broken and your visitors may […]

Website Traffic Seasonality & You

While Santa may bring many gifts this time of year, website traffic is not one for many industries. Before you sound the alarm, and call in the troops because your website traffic has taken a jump into the abyss, take a moment to read this. Should you be alarmed? Let’s start at the beginning. Do […]