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Power-up your Facebook Ads

May 24, 2016


Create a Lookalike Audience.

Facebook launched the ability to track Lookalike audiences. This gives you the ability to reach people who are interested in your business because they are similar to the customers you currently have. The Custom Audience – have a list of leads who haven’t signed up? You can upload them to create a Custom Audience that Facebook will advertise to if they use a similar e-mail to the one they provided at sign up.

We can help you make a Lookalike campaign based on people who have visited your site and completed an action.


Optimize your Conversions.

When setting up your campaign set the objective as “Website Conversion” – instead of clicks, this will help improve the automatic conversions of the campaign you’re running.

You can make sure your conversion pixel is set up so when someone signs up for your SaaS(Software as a service) or even an eCommerce conversion.

If you don’t have a lot of data, we recommend setting this up as “Website Conversion” and set pricing to “Optimize for clicks” and then switch to “Get the most website conversions at the best price” once you have information.

Remember, It’s important to wait on setting it for the “Get the most conversions for best price” until you have historical data.



We recommend using Facebook for retargeting and not AdRoll. Set up your Retargeting as a unique campaign rather then another ad set. Make sure its set it up to exclude audiences that you have in other ad campaigns.


New User Cross Sell.

Have someone who has signed up? Set up an Ad Campaign that gives them tips and tricks about your service. This is great for free trials for SaaS. Example: “Did you know BrightHaus helps you with your Social Media updates? – Reach out to your campaign manager.”

Set up a retargeting campaign that triggers after someone visits a specific URL that can only be accessed via password or signup, for example a sign up success page.


Promote Upgrades.

Use your Facebook to encourage free trials and upgrades. Set up a campaign that targets two audiences:

1) Customer Audiences based on e-mails of current free users.

2) Retargeting to customers who have recently signed into their accounts on your site.


Who Not to Include

Okay – so you have included new clients and perspective clients. Now you can exclude existing regular users. You should create this exclude campaign as you don’t want to retarget regular users of your service.

Exclude anyone who has been cookies/cookied by the retargeting pixel. This makes sure your reaching new audiences only and using your spend where it really matters.

Need help? Contact me today at and I’ll be sure to give you insight on our plans or walk you through this topic and more.

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