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Facebook Video Made Easy

Facebook Slideshow. A new product known as ‘Facebook Slideshow’ is here and there is good reason for celebration. Gone are the days where you weren’t able to create your own videos for Facebook or Instagram. Now with Facebook Slideshow, you can, and they are quite elegant. What: Slideshow allows you to create your own auto-play […]

Facebook’s Graph Search, Making Searches a Little More Personal.

Facebook recently announced the roll-out of its upgraded search tool “Graph Search” which has the technological world abuzz with the possibilities it will bring. Currently in beta, the new tool will take searching from the basics of just being able to find a single person or business to a new level of finding people based […]

Internet Marketing, Is It Worth It?

Internet marketing. While it seems like it is a necessary component of your business plan, it’s also one that may be the hardest to invest in. Trusting the process, especially in the initial few months while waiting for those magical rankings to appear, may feel a bit like falling back hoping someone is there to […]

GWT 101

While it sounds like the next big catch-phrase straight from the Jersey Shore, GWT actually stands for Google Webmaster Tools. GWT is the webmaster’s and site owner’s go-to place for important information pertaining to their sites and is considered to be one of the tools that should be utilized to help gain that coveted position […]

Getting The Most From Your San Diego Internet Marketing Company

Your San Diego Internet marketing company will more than likely provide you with a complete package of SEO services, all with the goal of increasing your website’s traffic and ranking. Here are some basic steps to this process that they will likely go over with you in your initial new client meeting.

SEOhaus Launches New Social Media Optimization Techniques for Clients using Twitter & Facebook

Founders Relay Excitement over New Packages and Social Networking Tactics for Clients