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10 Link Building Strategies that Still Work Today

October 16, 2013

After a thousand algorithm updates and refreshes, it’s starting to seem like that there aren’t any link building strategies that you can do without getting slapped by a black and white animal. Sure you can guest blog and get links from website links pages, but what else can you do? Below are 10 strategies that have been around for many years and years that are  still effective today.

1. Ask People You Know to Link to You – One of the fastest ways to get links is to ask colleagues, coworkers, friends, etc. for a backlink. These days almost everyone has a blog or personal site where they can simply add a link to your website. And since these sites are edited by real people, it’s actually a good way to build trust.

2. Building Profiles at Social Sites (and more) – Yes, this strategy is old school and in most cases doesn’t work. But strategically if done correctly, it can work wonders. Just keep in mind, naturally if you were to create a profile at a social network, you created it to get involved. So make friends, do what the network is all about, and NETWORK. Your profile over time will build trust, internal links, PageRank, activity and other factors that influence link value.

3. Infographic Distribution -Next time you create an awesome infographic, don’t just submit it to all the infographic directories. Contact webmasters and notify bloggers. If the infographic is applicable to your niche and not just about your brand, many sites will pick it up and even share it in social networks.

4. Podcast Directories – Old school for the veteran link builders. But still a strategy available to sites with heaps of information. If you produce videos, you can take the audio from it and have a podcast. If you discuss your topic with colleagues, you can just record it and have a podcast. If you write anything, you can read it aloud and have a podcast. It’s easier to produce audio than you think. Once you have audio, you can submit your work and create channels at a ton of sites, even sites like Apple’s iTunes.

5. Niche Specific Social Bookmarking – What!? Did I suggest social bookmarking? Yes, social bookmarking still works if you are submitting valuable information on relevant social sites via highly connected profiles.

6. Broken Link Building – Changing links pointing to 404 pages is a top link building strategy. Next time you come across a link on a good site pointing to a broken page, make a new version of that page worthy of that link on your own website and let the webmaster know that the link is broken and that you have a better (working) page to link to. This way you make the webmaster happy you found a broken link on their site and you get a link on an aged (and used) page to your website.

7. Dead Content Creation – Very similar to the above strategy. If you ever stumble across referenced content no longer indexed or a website that has gone down, find that dead site’s most linked content and add to your website. Then let all the sites that link to original content know that the content is somewhere different.

8. Offering Content in Multiple Languages – If you blog regularly or write content about various topics, consider translating it to other languages and providing the content to other language sites and just ask the site to reference the source (you).

9. Writing Testimonials – Almost every site selling something online has testimonials. Some of these testimonials have the client/customers name and business. This is especially common in the B2B realm, where you see the person giving the testimonial receiving a link. If you subscribe or use any services, or buy products from a supplier, ask them if you could provide them with a review or testimonial in exchange for a link.

10. Niche Specific Directories – Getting listed in a directory that all of your competitors are listing in helps with relevance and association. To top it off, for many niches, the best way to find a reputable site is via a directory dedicated to its industry.

There you have it, a nice list of easy to strategic link building strategies your website could implement in order to improve its rankings. So don’t be scared to build links. There are still plenty of ways to build authority and to get attention from the web.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!