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10 Reasons Why You Need SEO Now More than Ever

April 23, 2013

In the past few years there has been an increased need for SEO services, businesses are really starting to realize the necessity of SEO services  not only for online success but for overall business success as well. Currently (in 2013), SEO services are needed more now than ever.

SEO services have been around for nearly two decades, over the years it has changed drastically. Before I get into why your website needs SEO, let me re-define “SEO”. In the beginning SEO focused entirely on keyword relevance then SEO focused on keyword placement and backlinks (a different way to measure relevance). Today, although SEO is still all about relevance, the ways Google and other search engines measure relevance are based on many contributing factors including quality of backlinks, social media presence, site performance, context of content, offsite influences and many more. Because of this SEO service providers are no longer just link building companies, they have become social media, web development, content marketing, conversion optimization and programming companies as well.

Below are 10 reasons why SEO services are imperative for a company to succeed in today’s day and age:

  1. Internet Saturation – The internet is flooded with pages and pages of content related to almost any topic. To be that diamond in the rough, you need experts that know how to make your website not only stick out but to help you stand on top.
  2. Fierce Competition – Because every business has pretty much come to realize the need for SEO, all of your competitors are most likely already doing SEO. And depending on their SEO company and your niche, you may be competing with some pros. To top it off, you may have a lot of catching up to do in the most efficient manner.
  3. Because Google Said So – Many SEO’s think Google hates them, but in reality Google loves the honest SEO and provides them with tips, walk-throughs and tools for search engine success. Just be careful who you choose to provide the service!
  4. Google Webmaster Guidelines – Years ago, the Google Webmaster Guidelines just listed a few tasks you needed to accomplish in order to meet their requirements. But today, the guidelines are pages of bare minimum requirements. Many of which requires experienced SEO and technical programmers.
  5. Work, Work, Work – There is so much time required to put into SEO and to compete with other websites. And depending on how behind you are from the competition, the workload may vary. Time is money and if you are spending too much time doing the SEO yourself, you could be wasting your time, when you could be hiring a pro to handle the work or taking that time to do what you specialize in (which probably isn’t SEO)
  6. Updates, Updates, Updates – You need an SEO expert that not only knows about the most recent algorithm updates, but one that knows how to adapt to the new updates and make the necessary strategy adjustments to make sure your website stays relevant and competitive. I would actually go as far to say; make sure your SEO service provider can predict updates and knows how to future proof your business for the next updates to come.
  7. Search Volume – Every year, more and more people are abandoning other business finding methods for the search engines. 81% of US consumers use search engines to make purchase decisions (Forrester Research). Even more reason to capitalize on search engine optimization. More ‘Eye Popping’ Stats.
  8. Social Media Signals – Social media is becoming a bigger factor when it comes to SEO. Google is starting to look at social signals to determine a website’s relevancy and popularity. It seems like hiring a social media company to help you with better rankings would be the way to go. But today, SEO’s should know how to do social media marketing and it’d be better for a company that specializes in both to perform he services so you can benefit from synchronized strategies. Plus, even Matt Cutts says social factors are getting stronger.
  9. Clean Up & Recovery – There’s an 82% chance your website has some cleaning up to do. Rather it’s cleaning up some back links that triggered a GWT email, your site navigation, or any other factor affected by a recent Google update, hiring an SEO expert that knows the remedy is probably your business’ best hope for recovery.
  10. Too Many Factors – Years ago Google claimed to use over 400 ranking factors to determine search results. They haven’t come out with any new figures. But in view of all of the new updates and the increased sophistication of their search engine, we can pretty much guarantee that there are just as many (if not more) search engine ranking factors you’ll need a professional SEO to address and help your website optimize for.

As you can see, SEO services are a necessity and to take this responsibility on yourself as a business owner is pretty time consuming and non-efficient. If you still haven’t hired an SEO service provider to help you with SEO, you are behind the curve and if you don’t start soon, it may take years for you to catch up with the competition.

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