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10 Useful Websites That Aren’t All SEO Focused

June 15, 2015

I recently stumbled upon this BuzzFeed article that lists 33 of the coolest websites – some that would be relevant to SEO, web design, internet marketing, and some that I thought could be useful. Here are my favorites from the list.

1. What the Font?

Panda Meme

I typed in “Panda Meme” and chose this one since it’s a bit easier to read. This would be a great tool if it was a bit more accurate. The results they gave me did not match the photo, but they do have forums on the site that are viewed by font gurus whom may be able to tell you what the font is. Though I wanted to share it since it’s such a great idea, and I’m sure there are times they can be extremely accurate.


2. Account Killer

Account Killer

Easily delete your social accounts with this account killing tool.

3. Adobe Kuler

Adobe Kuler

Here you can find complimentary color palletes — for websites, interior decorating, and more!

4. GifprintGifPrint

Print .gifs for free and make them into mini flip books!


5. The Rasterbator


This one is my favorite idea of all the printing sites featured on BuzzFeed. You can make huge printable (and affordable) posters out of any image. This one’s great especially if your walls are bare and you’re on a budget!


6. TwoFoods: Instant Food Comparison


I compared honeydew to hello panda cookies because that’s what I was deciding between after dinner last night. Glad I went with the honeydew (although, I had already eaten a packet earlier that day)! I was just surprised they had Hello Pandas on there, I’m guessing they have everything! If you haven’t had this delicious chocolate (or strawberry, or vanilla) filled cookie treat, you’ve got to!


7. Is it Iced Coffee Weather?

Iced Coffee WeatherYes
I mean, it’s kind of always iced coffee weather to me, but this website will tell you “NO” if you’re in a cold location.

8. 10-Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail

You can get a free e-mail here that will self-destruct in 10 minutes. This would be great to sign up for Groupon! I’ve pressed “unsubscribe” or “this is junk” at least 50 times, but somehow their e-mail gods still send me deals in my inbox daily.

9. Word Frequency Counter

Word Counter

Great for blog posts, essays, website content, general writing, and more! They even feature a phrase frequency finder.

10. Down for Everyone or Just Me?


This is my favorite out of the 33 websites listed on the BuzzFeed article linked above. It is an extremely useful tool I can use every day. There are tons of times a website has gone down due to a server issue, IP issue, cache issue, programming issue, user issue, or any other issue. This website is short and to the point. You type in the website and it will tell you if the site is down, or it’s just your browser. Easy peasy!