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1,000 Ways to Build Backlinks

July 11, 2012

On top of having great on-page content and website optimization, backlinks are extremely imperative to a successful marketing campaign. Whoever has the most legitimate backlinks wins on Google’s search engine. The best way to obtain high quality links is to have a really good site everyone in your niche wants to link to; whether it’s because you offer funny videos, great blog posts, resources, tools, how-to articles etc. . Even if you know your website has what it takes to rank high on Google, you’re still going to need other webmasters to vouch for it. This article is for sites we assume are legitimate websites that deserve the #1 spot for their target terms.

Below are links to several very resourceful places that will give you a ton of ideas to get links.

There you have it, 1,000 ways to build backlinks to your website. A bit overwhelming huh!? If you have a well put together website (better than your competition), getting those links will be a cinch. Taking the time to do it is a completely different story.

Perhaps this is why you hire a professional link building and SEO company to help you with these tasks. Wink, Wink.