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2013 Search Engine Marketing Trends: Cementing the Social SEO Firm

January 15, 2013

As 2013 begins, many internet industry experts and analysts have already made bold predictions for what the New Year may bring in the online marketplace. From the importance and methodology of tracking user behavior on a site, to the ever expanding reach of social platforms, there is a lot to consider as 2013 gets underway. As social media further cements itself into the everyday internet experience, there are a few things that any SEO firm will need to remember to make the most out of inbound marketing efforts.

First, and foremost: Get social. This may seem like old news, but any marketing effort without a social component neglects critical aspects of social media: Trust, shareable content, and qualification in terms of both conversions and data. Trust is a huge component in social media—and I’m not talking about the kind of trustworthiness that may be kept between close friends, but a vested trust in the type of content and links shared around the web.

Google, and other tools like Majestic SEO, will assign a value of trust to links that are shared across the internet. A higher trust value is given to links shared via social media, because these tools index each link as something that has been vetted by peers as a believable authority on a particular topic. Natural social shares and interactions raise the profile of the website, not only within the immediate virtual community, but also the profile of the site as a whole.

Now, trust is only established through highly shareable content. Create content that users readily want to read, consume, and pass onto their peers. This is the only way to create truly viral content that will help transform your social marketing to truly viable search engine marketing. All too often, companies crave the ability to make their content spread like a web-based wildfire. Gear your content for an optimal user experience, and only then will you spark the desire to share, like, plus, or retweet.

“When Your Client Says ‘Make this Go Viral'” – “This Advertising Life” Blog.

Lastly, social platforms become ways to qualify customers and conversions, as user data is shared among peer groups. In doing so, Analytics are becoming increasingly important as platforms continue to reinvent ways for companies to monitor user behavior. However, with Google guarding data for logged-in Google users, the power of personalized marketing is quickly becoming a coveted commodity. Outside of Google, other services like Piwik and more are already competing to provide Analytics and other information about customer behavior. In this regard, Google can expect growing competition from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and more.

As user data, search history, and location information transforms the web into a personalized experience, savvy SEO firms have realized that the scope of simple search engine optimization must expand. Instead, search engine marketing will continue to become intrinsically more comprehensive, with social at the forefront, to become inbound marketing powerhouses. As 2013 continues, SEO is on its way to becoming IMO – Inbound Marketing Optimization, espousing a complete inbound marketing philosophy including SEO, social media optimization, mobile marketing, public relations, blogging, and more. Here’s to 2013!