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2019 Sees a Rise in Self-Improvement Apps: Here Are the Top 5

January 2, 2019

Apps have become a huge part of the way people live their lives and it’s important for business owners to know what’s hot and what’s not in the world of apps, because it dictates what you should be doing differently with your own. Whether you sell a product or your website offers a service, an app version of your site makes it easy for consumers to access your content on the go, order what they need without hassle, and communicate with your customer service department with ease. Currently, self-improvement and relaxation apps are rising to the top download spots of 2019. Want to know what your business is up against this year? Here are 5 of the top contenders.

1. 10% Happier: Yes, this app is confident they can increase your happiness levels. One of Google Play’s top apps for self-improvement, you can use 10% Happier to meditate and gain personal awareness through guided sessions and classes taught by medication teacher J. Goldstein and NYT bestseller D. Harris.

The app is available for download on both Google Play and Apple Store. It talks about meditation as more than just what some might call “woo-woo”, going over the scientific points of the activity and how it can improve your life. The app answers some serious questions on the topic and gives you an intensive 2-week course on the subject.

2. MasterClass: If ever there was a self-improvement app, it’s MasterClass. Who better to learn a skill from than an expert in the field? And while many Americans can’t afford to go to fancy schools to learn their hobbies, you can access similar technique and skill through these 45 courses taught by experts like Gordon Ramsey and Margaret Atwood themselves. It’s not just cooking and writing you can bone up on, but several fields of interest, such as photography with Annie Leibovitz and game design with Will Wright.

Other opportunities on the learning docket include guitar with Carlos Santana, filmmaking with Mira Nair, economics and society with Paul Krugman, and even poker with Daniel Negreanu. The courses are said to include plenty of information and offer access to never before seen footage of experts showing off their skill and teaching you how to apply it in real life. This is a great opportunity for business owners who want to flourish in their field and work in an industry which could be honed through one of the courses offered.

3. Mimo: This one is kind of odd as a self-care app; but believe it or not, it’s making several top 10 lists because of its calming presence. Some people like to color to achieve a Zen state, others code. Mimo gives Android and iPhone users a chance to learn code in a safe and relaxing setting. Not only is this a great way to unwind, but it forces you to use brainpower, improving memory and analytical thinking in the process.

The lessons are interactive and make learning code seem more like a game than a lesson. HTML, Swift, CCS, and Javascript are all part of the lesson plan. New users can sign up at Why is this helpful to business and website owners? Mimo teaches code which will give you the skills needed to build your own apps and games, which goes a long way in the marketing world and might even save you some money on future app endeavors.

4. Keep Trainer: Available for download via iPhone or Android device, Keep Trainer is a free pocket workout app with a one step at a time guide which aids even the most inexperienced exerciser through their workout. This is a self-care and relaxation app which promotes making and meeting personal fitness goals. Reviews are mixed, but those who like it, like it a lot.

Nobody has time or money to commit to the gym every day, and paid fitness apps can be a waste of money if you’re not committing to them 100%. Keep Trainer makes it easy to exercise when you can without breaking the bank. It’s the perfect balance of health and wellness on a budget for the new 2019 you.

5. Fabulous: With a 5-star rating on Apple and voted one of the best apps of 2018 for self-care, Fabulous is said to help you reset your bad habits and turn them into good ones in only 19-days. The app is targeted toward those looking to increase healthy sleeping habits, lose weight, be more energetic and focus better. The app focuses on creating new habits through small daily changes that overtime become standard and normal for your daily routine.

Create and track habits throughout the day while forming better eating and exercising habits. While the app is said to be extremely helpful, perhaps the best part is that you are doing all the work yourself. By creating these habits on your own, you ultimately have a better chance of keeping up with them when you stop using the app.

These are just some of the top apps available for self-care, self-improvement and relaxation. Whether you’re part of the relaxation and self-care industry or not, some of these apps have the potential to help you increase your personal growth and business skills in 2019. None of these look good to you? Consider checking out some of the latest self-help apps on the market, or creating your own to increase buzz and brand awareness on your site.