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3 Tips to Make Your Black Friday Marketing a Success

October 31, 2018

This is the perfect time of year to show consumers why your product or service will make an impact on their lives. How do you do this? Marketing of course, and there’s no better way to market than the internet. While there are still billboards and television commercials making their rounds with the next best thing that everybody needs to buy, the real go-to source for holiday shopping information is the internet.

The days of mindless buying and impulse shopping are dwindling as more and more consumers research products online before buying. The best way to do this? Finding a top 10 list to peruse and pick up the pros and cons of each item listed.

If you’re new to the internet marketing game and you’re not sure how to get started, especially with the holidays on the horizon, fear not. These 3 tips will get your holiday marketing game to the next level and prove once and for all that the internet is the new ad King.


1. Make a Gift Guide

There’s nothing better than leafing through a catalogue at the holidays and marking the pages of items you can’t wait to buy or try. With the rise of the ecommerce industry, less people are using catalogues and fewer companies are printing them. Instead, consumers are turning to online guides to point them in the right direction for their gift giving needs.

This is the perfect opportunity to update some old information on an evergreen URL, or to create a temporary URL for the holiday shopping season. Your guide can be as in depth as you like, and include only your products and services, or others in the local area. Use bright, crisp images, articulate and to the point sales copy, and eye-catching titles.

Focus on the products you’re trying to upsell on Black Friday and be sure to highlight them on the first page, or “special deals” section of your online guide. Show consumers what makes those products so sought after, and what makes this such a deal. The average American wants to have Christmas shopping finished by the end of November, but in reality, most are still shopping well into December, making it a bit of a photo finish by the time Christmas Eve appears. Your guide and swift Black Friday marketing deals can point shoppers in the right direction for an award worthy shopping spree with plenty of time to spare.


2. Dress up Your Keywords

This time of year, many businesses are focused on Christmas and Hanukah, and while these events are important, the biggest shopping day of the year is actually Black Friday. Of course, this is usually in anticipation for Christmas. So, how do you help your client base swarm in on the good deals on Black Friday, but still have Christmas in mind? Dress up keywords to sell, sell, sell. For example, rather than searching for “black shoes size 7”, you’ll see more consumers using queries such as, “top 10 high heels for Christmas”, or “best men’s shoes for winter”, or even “Black Friday shoe sale”.

Depending on your product or service, you could get quite an increase in traffic and sales simply by tweaking keywords and changing some of the content on your site to match. This tactic works for all industries, from babysitting services to bakeries. If there’s a market for it, you can increase the likelihood of shoppers finding your products desirable by reminding them that these are in the top for this holiday season.


3. Deck the Halls of Your Webpage

You decorate your house and tree during the holidays, so why not decorate your website as well? Consumers don’t NEED a reminder that the holidays are coming, but it certainly helps increase good natured panic that there are only so many shopping days to go. Dressing up your site doesn’t need to be a time-consuming expensive task. Instead, focus on dressing up the content. Upload images, videos, and blog posts which have strong holiday themes. Highlight products which are big sellers at this time of the year, and keep things positive, bright, and holly jolly.

Remember that many of the shoppers visiting your page this time of year aren’t necessarily shopping for themselves, so focus on describing things the way you would to someone buying a gift for a parent, child, sibling, friend, or spouse. For example, don’t just type, “Ventura 2X7 Vacuum, lightweight and easy to use”, try dressing it up by writing, “The Venture 2X7 is the perfect vacuum for the college student in your life, compact and lightweight, it’s easy to use and store out of site even in small dorms or apartments.” This will appeal to the parent shopping for a child who’s just left home and still needs appliances and house wares.


Black Friday is come and gone, and you’re worried that your content is getting stale? No problem. Black Friday might be over, but the gift giving season is still to come, and while the sales might not be relevant, your product descriptions, including new holiday inspired keywords and subjects are still working. You can easily update your blogs and titles to reflect the next big holiday and shopping promotion to hit your site. As long as you continue to keep content fresh and relevant to the season, you can bet traffic will continue to improve.