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4 Instagram Hacks to Get Your Account Noticed

February 20, 2019

Instagram has certainly made its mark on the internet, both as a social media platform and as its own separate entity. From teens to seniors, this photo sharing site allows individuals and businesses to upload and view various types of visual content including images and video clips. With multiple filters, editing tools, and messaging features, it’s no wonder Instagram has begun to overtake other social media sites as a leader in the industry.

For businesses looking to get ahead in social media marketing, the first stop used to be Facebook. However, since the 2017 Cambridge Analytica debacle, Facebook has seen a staggering number of celebrities and social media influencers leave its pages. This combined with the decrease in market shares has increased the value of other social media competitors.

Whether you’ve been marketing on Instagram since its appearance on the internet, or this is your first time attempting to post a photo, there are ways to get your business noticed. A bustling platform filled with personal and commercial accounts, it’s crucial to find ways to set you apart from the competition. Here are 4 Insta-strategies to get you where you want to be in your social media game.

1. Don’t Forget to Caption: A picture speaks a thousand words, but sometimes in marketing you need to include a few of those words to get the message across. One of the best ways to make your Instagram feed more enticing to users scrolling by is to include a message, caption, or keyword. This is especially true of Videos, which can be lost in translation if the sound is off, which, let’s face it, is standard for most.

By implementing closed captions on your video, you allow viewers to catch a glimpse of the story inside without turning the volume up. This is helpful for those using phones in public places without headphones, or in situations when they probably shouldn’t be on their phones at all. It also captures the eyes, because humans are automatically drawn to language and want to know what’s being said.

2. Design Your Posts to Connect to Each Other: Stories are the way humans share messages, introduce themselves, and continue legacies. Stories are not only a well-organized way to share information, but an intriguing way. When you strategically plan your Instagram feed to represent a sequential storyline, users will notice. Maybe not at first, but eventually, the idea that these photos or videos are telling a tale of their own will begin to compute and you may even see users backtracking to watch from the beginning.

In business, it’s difficult to find new and exciting ways to think outside of the box and market by means that capture the attention of your audience and encourage interaction. Stories draw people in and make them ask questions or add comments. Likes, shares, and comments are the lifeblood of any social media campaign, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

3. Include Instructions on How to View Your Content: This might sound a bit bossy, but engaging consumers with prompts is a great way to add intrigue to your post. You can do this by including suggestions like, “click here for more info”, “press and hold to see”, or “tap to view”. These are simple instructions but make all the difference in how interesting your post becomes to a new Instagram user.

Be careful not to make your post look too much like “click bait” as this could have the opposite effect. The goal is to create a post that increases curiosity about what’s beneath the prompt without over exaggerating or using expressive language that confuses the user. It’s best to be clear, genuine, and relevant in every piece of content you write.

4. Request a Direct Message to Get Access to Exclusive Promotions: Consumers love free stuff, but if everybody’s getting it for nothing, how do you benefit as a business? Requesting a direct message is an excellent way to improve customer loyalty, draw in new traffic, and learn who is truly interested in your brand. Once you know which consumers are willing to go the extra mile and message, you know who your target audience is on Instagram. This makes it easier to build customized content and produce posts which garner increased ROI.

Types of promotions to offer include a free e-book, access to a Webinar, a trial period with your online service, a mailed sample of a product, and various other things. Depending on how many DM, you could offer something more valuable, which will create buzz about what consumers received and why others should get involved. If people think they’re getting something cool from your company, they’re more likely to follow future content, whether another promotion is offered anytime soon or not.

Instagram is an excellent platform to begin or continue building your social media presence. Your brand is a beacon for your product or service, and the more consumers who recognize it, the more likely it is that you’ll see an increase in web traffic and revenue. Using these tips for your Instagram campaign will help you get a foot in the door, expand your viewership and increase your knowledge of how the platform operates.

If nothing else, take this from the information above: Keep content relevant, use bright and interesting visuals, include keywords and descriptions so consumers know what they’re clicking on, and engage with customers whenever possible.