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4 Marketing Tools for Better Digital Content

January 28, 2019

The internet is nothing if not visual; from the latest and greatest Insta photos to YouTube videos and beyond. There’s a reason why consumers are so drawn to these forms of stylized content, and it has a lot to do with the way it catches the eye. For many businesses using social media as a marketing tool, one of the major components lacking in many campaigns is the use of visuals. This could be for numerous reasons including a low budget or a lack of know-how.

If you’re looking for a way to increase viewership, traffic and lead generation but haven’t found your footing in the visual art of social media content posting, here are a few of the top tools that could help you. Throughout this article you’ll learn more about visual advertising aids and 4 of the best options on the market.

1. Crello: An attractive feature of Crello is its low cost, offering users more than 10,000 different foundation designs, 65,000,000 stock photos and $1.00 featured designs for more in-depth users. Whether you want to spruce up your website, create a stand out background for your Facebook profile, or you’re considering a more artistic letterhead for the company newsletter, Crello is loaded with options for any business type and budget.

To use Crello, business owners simply need to sign up online for free. This provides you access to all the free features, including a variety of templates and all the images you could possibly need. Adding a payment method gives you access to any paid product and you can also take part in the online features, such as sharing personal experiences and tips with other Crello users.

2. Infogram: Infographics have become a hugely popular tool in the internet marketing world, bringing text to life in the form of a visual tool. Visual aids go a long way in turning an otherwise generic presentation into a vivid and captivating one, and the same can be said for your marketing content. But, how do you create these infographics without putting hours of effort into formatting font and images into one file? Infogram helps take the stress out of creating visual aids, such as infographics and other types of charts by offering up a series of helpful premade templates.

Users can choose to create anything from an infographic to a video and even a map. Then, the content can be shared easily, or embedded into a post on your website or blog. Like Crello, there are free and paid options, making it affordable to business owners who don’t have a big budget for social media marketing. The free option provides more than 37 types of visual aid templates. If you’re not impressed by this selection, you can access more than 500 when you become a paid member for approximately $20USD a month.

3. Lumen5: Another epic imagery tool, Lumen5 offers the unique option of turning written content into a video. This is different than an infographic or standard slideshow, as it turns the long form content you’ve written into a visual aid. You can add music and other imagery to these videos and share them on social media through a simple upload process. Like other tools here, Lumen5 is available free of charge with access to more than 10-million media files to add to your videos. A more advanced account type is available for approximately $50USD per month which gives more access to media and unlimited videos and uploads. The pro account access lets you use your company’s own watermark and logo, rather than choosing from available images on the system.

Lumen5 offers other interesting business advantages, making this tool worth a look, especially if you’re only using it as a free user.

4. Animoto: Nothing was more exciting for business managers than the day Microsoft released PowerPoint. From offices to classrooms around the world, slideshows became a popular tool for presentations and more. When sharing slideshows on your website or blog, however, PowerPoint isn’t the best tool for the job. While you do get a chance to try Animoto free over a period of 2-weeks, once your trial is completed a paid membership is $13USD with an option for more inclusive packages at an extra rate.

Compared to other tools which provide free use with basic options, Animoto may seem slightly steeper in cost. However, the benefits are many, including more than 700 different video slideshow templates and 500 songs to choose from. The videos made using this tool are then added to a variety of social media accounts including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, along with any personal blog or webpage you might be using.

Videos created in Animoto are both browser and mobile friendly, making them the perfect tool for those hoping to stay within the mobile niche in Google searches.

There are many other noteworthy tools online to help marketers create fun and engaging content. These are just a few of the most popular tools with the lowest price points – proving that you don’t need to break the bank to create unique content. If you’re looking for a way to make your website, blog, or social media posts stand out from competitors, consider trying one of the more visually exciting tools. Infographics, especially, are a nice way to show customers what you’re trying to say without monotonous font and never-ending paragraphs. Not a fan of these tools? No problem. There’s a seemingly unending supply of marketing tools on the rise, even a few which are available for use from your mobile device. Check them out.