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4 Outdated SEO Practices You Shouldn’t Be Using Anymore

September 25, 2017


Online marketing is constantly evolving and has really become about creating a great user experience and one thing is for sure, best practices and metrics are not the same as they were a few years ago. Some things should not be used anymore, not just because they cease to be as effective, but also because Google is now penalizing websites who use do use these old practices (Google is no dummy). Here are 4 heavy-hitters that could cost your website rankings:

High Keyword Density

There is no longer a need to practice “keyword stuffing” and this is certainly not an effective tactic anymore. Spammy content with keyword overkill will actually get your website penalized now which will decrease page rankings and possibly even get your page removed. Instead, you should be creating valuable content that incorporates keywords appropriately. You can even use long-tail keywords and synonyms as Google is able to recognize them.

High Word Count

User experience, such as how they interact with your website, is becoming more and more important as search engines become more intelligent with their algorithms. There is no exact number for optimal word count on a web page but if you want your content to rank well, then you should be creating content to fulfill a specific purpose and get your point across. Don’t worry so much about word count but rather make sure you are writing natural copy that appeases the eyes of your reader (no keyword stuffing). Quality over quantity.

Creating a Separate Web Page for Each Keyword

Having a separate page targeting a different keyword, even when they are highly similar, is now a huge Google no-no with their updates such as Hummingbird and RankBrain. Instead, you should be writing content that targets a keyword and mentions variations of that keyword throughout the content. Utilize metadata, headlines, content, etc for each page.

Using Article Spinning and Article Submissions Sites

So you would write an article, use an article spinner to in turn create tens (maybe even hundreds) of variations of that article and then you would push these article out to article directories and spam blogs that would link back to your website. Sounds good, right? Wrong.

That may sound like a nice, easy link building tactic but it will severely cost your website page rankings. Sending your website to link directories and article mass production and submission would have increased your SEO ranking a few years ago because they are ways of backlinking to your website. Now, websites that use certain link networks face penalties, so it best not to do so. Instead, avoid low-quality directory submission sites and try to find a niche specific directory if you want to go that route.

So it’s time to leave these old practices in the dust and get your websites SEO up-to-date! Contact Brighthaus today to find out how we can help improve your website and increase your business.