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4 Reasons to Delegate Marketing Tasks

May 8, 2019

Content marketing takes a lot out of a person, especially if you’re posting to multiple channels. Sure, there are various automation tools and apps which help you plan 5-10 posts ahead and schedule your updates. But this isn’t the same as having help creating the content that’s going to be posted. Writing blogs, creating videos, and editing photos takes time, energy, and cash flow.

Many marketers begin to fall behind in their posts when content creation becomes overwhelming. This is detrimental to the fate of a business, because it could mean the difference between search engines ranking you highly or overlooking you in favor of a website with fresher content. Keeping your content relevant and up to date is crucial if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

So, what can you do to alleviate some of this stress? Delegate of course! Sharing the marketing load with staff is beneficial for many reasons. It’s not just lightening your load; it’s also helping your company. Here are 4 reasons you should consider sharing content assignments with other members of your team.

1. It Personalizes Your Content: Consumers are wise to the ebb and flow of traditional advertising copy. They no longer want to see generic text and photos on the internet. Instead, your customers want customized copy – made specifically for their demographic. Alternating writers for your marketing content helps humanize your brand and personalize the messages you send out into the world.

Every member of your team has an individual personality, opinion, and writing style. It saves your blog from looking monotone and repetitive. No matter how good a writer you are, if you’re sharing the same kind of content time and again, it’s going to get dry. It’s going to start looking recycled and maybe a tad boring. Don’t let your audience lose focus. Instead, pass the task to a new writer every few weeks and see what comes out.

2. It Grows Your Consumer Audience: As mentioned above, your writers all have different personalities and styles. This means their audience might differ slightly as well. Of course, you always want to write for your target demographic, but this doesn’t mean that audience can’t grow and evolve.

When a new writer takes on the task of delivering content, it improves the odds that you’ll pique the interest of new consumers who maybe never found your copy interesting before. Every customer has a different take on what’s entertaining, and the next writer on your team might be just the ticket to a whole new market.

3. It’s a Better Representation of Your Brand and Company Culture: When you share the task of content creation, it opens the doors to a better look at your company culture. It’s kind of like a tour of the office, but in theory only. Readers can see the names of your writers, maybe a small headshot. They might pick out the different writing styles and wonder whether Suzie Smith from last week’s piece on pet grooming sits next to Brian Neil who posted today’s video on doggy day care.

In fact, a great way to differentiate content further is by letting your team put their own special brand on each piece they write; a signature, a personal photo, something to show customers that these articles aren’t being turned out by some third-party marketing company. No, you’re 100% genuine, and your company genuinely cares about your customers and the content being shared with them.

4. Sharing Content Tasks Improves Team Morale: Mixing up the content schedule from staff member to staff member creates a bonding experience for the entire team. You can intensify this feeling by incorporating monthly meetings to swap ideas, congratulate writers on a job well done, and come up with new material. Content creation is something to be proud of. It’s a leading force in the digital marketing industry, improving traffic, conversion and ROI.

Seeing each member of your team write something shows you their strengths and weaknesses. It’s a great way to get to know everybody and for everybody to get to know each other. As manager, even you can add to the content creation, throwing in your own article from time to time.

By sharing the content creation chore, you minimize the need for extra spending on content marketing. Every member of your team already has a job and a salary, and including an article every month into this job shouldn’t cost your business the way hiring an outside writer would. While saving money isn’t the only reason you should consider internal writing, it certainly helps.

Have fun and get creative. This is the perfect opportunity to find out what you’re made of and what makes your team tick. If you have trouble coming up with content, you can use an online topic generator or ask your readers to contribute ideas on subjects they want you to cover. Content creation doesn’t need to feel like work. When done correctly, and shared equally across the board, it can be enjoyable to get a little artistic freedom in the workplace.

Content should still always be brand-centric and reflect the values of your company. Be genuine, transparent, and use language which is understandable to even those outside your industry. This means no jargon. Your readers will notice the sudden change in the voice your content suddenly takes on, and you’ll begin to see improvement in engagement and share-ability.