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4 Things Every Business Should Try on Instagram

February 11, 2019

Social media marketing might seem like old hat to some business owners, but there’s more to it than posting pictures and videos. In 2019, this style of marketing is set to become the most influential online advertising around the globe, and Instagram is coming out on top. After the rise and fall of Facebook due to its privacy and political issues stemming from the Trump election and affiliate marketers, Instagram and Twitter found themselves rising to the occasion to collect fallen subscribers.

While Instagram is popular, it doesn’t quite have the same selection Facebook offers for what you can produce and post. To make up for this, the platform has created some interesting tools, effects, and offers for business owners and personal users to experiment with. If you haven’t taken the time to get to know Instagram and try everything it has to offer, this is a great time to start.

Here are 4 things every business owner and marketing professional should try on Instagram this year.

1. Use Nametags as Virtual Business Cards: Instagram Nametags are very similar to Snapcodes and Messenger codes on Snapchat and Facebook. They provide simple and quick access to your Instagram account without trying to spell out your user name with all its included dots and dashes. A simple scan of your Nametag and other businesses or potential clients will be catapulted to an array of brightly arranged photos and associated posts on your Instagram feed.

What’s so great about Nametags aside from the accessibility factor? Nametags are customizable, just like tangible paper business cards. You can use different graphics, colors, and even some effects to make these codes your own. Use your Nametag to connect with other users by posting it on varying social media platforms, your blog, or your official website. Create a following and get people talking about how unique your virtual business card is.

2. Get Nostalgic with Stop Frame Animation: Instagram is all about how creative users can make their snapshots and video clips, so don’t be afraid to dig into the past and reinvent some fun ways to share content. Stop-motion video has always been interesting, and it’s the perfect time to get nostalgic and bring them back in a new way.

The idea is to stream together images which are snapped in stages, each frame with a small motion, until the story is told. As a downside, it does take longer than filming a quick video clip, but once it’s complete, it’s so much more whimsical to watch. It will have your viewers stopping to stare and wonder how you did it, and hopefully, sharing with others.

3. Get Sharing with Repurposed UGC: User generated content, also known as UGC, are videos, photos, and text-based posts created and shared by other users. What’s so great about this style of content? It makes consumers feel represented as part of your brand. When your customers see shout outs to their creations on your Instagram feed, it’s a sure way to get shares.

The important thing to remember when using UGC is to properly tag individuals you’re sharing from. You can find consumers who might be interested in being featured in your social media profile by searching for those who have tagged you or used your brand as a hashtag recently. These are the followers who are most likely to get excited about seeing their content being used.

Another great feature of the UGS repurposing is that your creative marketing team can take a breather. This is one post you don’t need to create from the ground up. No need for cameras or fancy editing; it’s ready to roll when you are.

4. Podcast with Insta-Videos: When our parents were young radio shows were all the rage. This generation has brought back some of that nostalgia virtually with podcasts. But, how do you shake things up and make your podcast really pop? Make it visual.

Like everything else on Instagram, your podcasts can set you apart from others by adding a visual element. This is basically vlogging, but different. Share posts you’d normally type out verbally instead and add photos or video to pique the attention of viewers. Instagram is the perfect platform for this mash-up of old and new marketing, and it will pay off when your followers begin taking notice of your initiative.

Thinking outside of the box is what Instagram does best, and this is possibly the best way it benefits the social media scene. Invite guests into your podcasts and make it a weekly or monthly occurrence, so your audience gets used to regularity and tunes in purposefully to listen and watch. Vlogging is a lucrative business to be in; just ask the many professional YouTubers out there.

In Conclusion: Don’t let your social media game run stagnant in 2019. This is the year for change and innovation. By making your brand recognized as a leader in the Instagram marketing movement, you could earn yourself a wider target audience. Better yet, much of the content you create can be shared or taken from other social media platforms and revitalized as new content by adding a little something to mix it up. This will save time and money on future social endeavors and let you focus on important things, like running a successful business.

For more Instagram trends you should be attempting, watch popular Instagrammers for new ideas. Just because a platform user isn’t posting content for marketing purposes, doesn’t mean you can’t use similar strategies to get your brand recognized online.