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4 Ways to ‘Direct Connect’ Your Website w/Your Google+ Business Page

June 5, 2013

Since there are several good (SEO & Social) reasons to associate your website (‘Direct Connect’) with your Google Plus business page (or to give your website ‘publisher’ status), I thought it would be nice to share how to do it with our readers. If you haven’t created your business plus page yet, I advise you to do so here, first. Direct Connect will help your Google+ page get displayed more often in Google’s search results, as well as provide you with many other benefits.

1. Add Meta Tag the Header

This is the best way to for sure, no questions asked Direct Connect your Google Plus Business Page with your website.

  1. Find business profile URL
  2. Paste the following code (replace example URL with your business URL) just before the closing </head> tag (or anywhere between the <head> & </head> tags) in the source of your website:

<link href=”″ rel=”publisher” />

This tells Google your website is the publisher of that particular Google + business page.

2. Add Google+ Badge to Your Website

This next method works too. But there’s no guarantee that Google will be 100% sure that your website is associated with the Google+ Biz page. Google will “Direct Connect” the page and website by assumption.

If you add a Google Plus badge anywhere on your website, Google will assume that the website the badge is on is associated with the Google+ Page the badge is linking to. You can configure your Google Plus Badge here.

3. Link to Google+ Page from Website

This is pretty much the same as adding a badge to your website. But instead of adding a badge, you create a backlink. But this method requires method #4 (adding website to Google Plus Page), as well. EXAMPLE: Add SEOhaus to Your Circle

4. Add Website to Google+ Page

When creating your Google+ Page for your company, there’s a section where you can add your website. This is the simplest method. But it requires something else, such as method 2 or 3 to confirm the “Direct Connect”.

If you do all 4 methods, you would have done all you can do to obtain ‘publisher’ status. You’d also maximize the possibilities of getting added to more circles and getting the website plussed more easily and more often. But on the same note, doing any one method is sufficient if just trying to associate your website with your Google Business profile.

We’ll talk more about the benefits to giving your website “publisher” status in my next post. Good luck!