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Why use captions when a photo tells a 1000 words?

April 17, 2017

Whether we are sharing uplifting moments like graduations, birthdays, or something simple and humorous like a meme, photos are the backbone to our online existence. It’s a language we can all connect over and speak. Celebs, news outlets, and your friends are able to share their perspective and outlook via their feed with just a few images.

Recently, FB introduced what is called 360 photos. 360 photos allow users to experience a photo in a much grander way, as if you were actually there experiencing the moment.  



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Pan around, drag scenes, or even tilting your phone allows users to view a panoramic image in a more hands on approach. Once where panoramic photos could be rather stagnant and less captivating due to a small horizontal viewing window, 360 photos actually lets the user feel apart of the moment, as if they were actually there.


As users have technologically progressed, 360 photos seems like natural progression. The same goes for 360 video. While normal photos can now seem rather dull, 360 allows users to get right in the action.


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You don’t even need a special camera or device to do this. Creating a 360 photo is easy and fun 😉 Right from an iOS or android device (and a number of other devices), users can take a panoramic photo and upload it straight to FB just like you would with any other photo. 360 photos will have a small compass icon in the corner signifying that you can explore the photo further. FB will then convert it to a fully immersive 360 photo.

Have fun and keep it interesting!