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5 Helpful Tips to Increase Your Facebook Following

April 17, 2019

Facebook has become a social media staple and a digital marketing asset. With millions of users worldwide, the site assists with brand awareness, customer engagement, and overall ROI. The key to successfully converting social media traffic into customers directly correlates with the number of followers you have. Therefore, more followers equal a greater profit.

So, how do you increase your following base to grow that profit margin? Looking at the big picture, it might appear intimidating at first, but here are 5 simple steps to get you started.

1. Like and Share Contests: One of the best thought up concepts in social media marketing is the like or share contest. It encourages consumers to like, share, comment, and follow in exchange for entries into a contest. These campaigns are helpful for collecting leads and followers. A great example of this would be if a florist was giving away a large bouquet for Mother’s Day. He or she might post through Facebook that each new customer who likes the company page gets an entry. To add fuel to the fire, tagging a friend provides an extra entry. This double-up method assures that your profile is viewed by the tagger and the person being tagged. If lucky, the individual tagged will then follow suit and like your page for an entry, tagging someone else in the process. This cycle builds on itself.

A benefit of this style of contest is the attention you gain. Of course, offering a prize means there’s a chance of low return on investment. However, if looked at over the long term, the investment of the bouquet and time spent on this contest could become potential new paying customers, evening out the ROI.

2. Go Live with Facebook: Facebook videos have grown in popularity, especially for B2C marketers. Live streaming video is an exciting and interactive way to engage consumers. When you go live you invite consumers into your life. Be it your office, living room, or a walk in the park, seeing your brand from the human viewpoint changes everything. It creates a personality your brand may not have reflected before.

Not only is this newfound humanity attractive to potential followers, but it’s also effective for commenting, liking, and sharing. After your live video finishes streaming, it’s available to watch through your Facebook profile. This means your viewers can share it with others, and if those “others” find it entertaining, they can share it with others as well. Be sure to create content worth watching and related to your brand.

3. Install a Chatbot: Just like the name implies, a chatbot helps you stay in touch with your customers by chatting when you’re not around. Chatbots can be programmed to answer FAQs, report your absence and return time, assist with shopping and checkout via the Facebook shop feature, and more. Better still? Most chatbot programs come with a metrics reporting tool, which allows you to see user activity and what your customers are chatting about.

Chatbots help improve follower numbers because they produce an answer in time sensitive situations when you might be a while otherwise responding to a customer.

4. Automate Posts: It’s not just Facebook messenger which could use some automation, your page can be automated as well. With a social media manager app, you can moderate several platforms at once and schedule posts for everything from Twitter and Facebook to your company blog. This saves you time having to do all of this work manually. You still need to develop the content to post, of course.

Developing a regular schedule and marking these deadlines on your calendar will help you keep track of when to submit your latest blog or article. Your content management automation tool will take it from there, adding your content to each social space and website as requested. You can watch the analytics on this tool to see whether a different time or day is more productive than others as far as posts go as well.

5. Create a Coupon: Consumers love free stuff, so you’re likely to see an increase in Facebook followers if you offer an exclusive discount on a product, or a free product for every 50 referrals, or whatever promotion works best for your brand and budget. Exclusive coupons are better than a standard everyday coupon campaign. Why? Because it draws in Facebook users who aren’t yet following your page and gives them a reason to like you.

If your end goal is growing Facebook followers, be sure to post the exclusive coupon and a link to your Facebook page on your main website. You can advertise your Facebook account from other social media spaces as well.

Facebook has a massive following, so if you’re new and trying to build your brand here, it shouldn’t be too difficult. By doing research, marketing to your target demographic, and following the above cited steps, you could double your followers by lunch.

The main thing to remember about Facebook is that it’s a social site. This means interaction and engagement are key. The more you like, comment, and share posts with your followers, the more they will respond, share, and invite family and friends to check out your latest post. In the beginning, a Facebook page takes a lot of work and upkeep, but as time goes on, a little general maintenance, chatting, and content updating will be more than enough to keep your page large and in charge.