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5 LinkedIn Tips For Better Marketing

April 30, 2019

LinkedIn may not have the numbers of Facebook or Instagram, but what it lacks in followers it more than makes up for in authority. The leading B2B social media platform on the internet, Instagram also has plenty to offer for B2C marketers.

With an outreach of more than 600-million users worldwide, LinkedIn is the perfect place to grow a business presence; especially, if your business is looking for a formal edge, such as law firms, medical practices, dentistry clinics, and more. Even fun and whimsical brands can benefit from this site if you know how to market yourself properly.

So, how can you get ahead on LinkedIn? Here are 5 tips that will take your B2C LinkedIn game from 0-60 in no time.

1. Don’t Just Share Your Own Content – Engage with Others’: LinkedIn is a great place to make connections, but it’s also a social media platform. The key to succeeding at social media is to be social. This means going out of your way to interact with content others post. Whether you’re commenting on updates from other industry leaders, sharing content left by your own followers, or inviting your followers to participate in your content, you can only win when you engage on LinkedIn.

The main reason this works to your advantage is brand loyalty. The more you interact with users, the more they get to know you. Not only does this add to your brand awareness online, but it helps you build a loyal customer base. And, these loyal customers will invite friends and family, which in turn creates more loyal customers.

2. Don’t Forgo the Hashtags: Hashtags might seem like more of a Twitter or Instagram feature, but LinkedIn introduced hashtags to their own platform more than a year ago. Hashtags work much like keywords, helping users find content, and helping you track what users are saying about your brand. Using hashtags strategically makes you appear hip and knowledgeable, but it also provides important information LinkedIn needs to categorize your content.

Not sure which hashtags to use? No problem. There are plenty of tools and apps available to help you plan your hashtag strategies. Find popular hashtags within your industry or create your own at the touch of a button. Then, use your CRM dashboard to follow your tags and see who else is using them, and how many times you’re mentioned. Remember to make your brand name a hashtag to simplify things for users and show people what makes your business unique.

3. Mention Others and Give Credit Where Due: You might think that tagging others in your post takes some of the emphasis off you, but it’s just the opposite. Tagging other users or brands helps you expand your user base and spread the word about your brand. When you tag somebody, it appears on their feed as well. This gets the attention of the tagee, as well as his or her followers.

Tagging others, or giving credit to others making a statement, recycling content, or reference also gives you credibility. It shows transparency to your followers that you’re willing to share the spotlight with somebody else. It has the potential to invite followers from this person you’ve tagged to follow you as well.

4. Share Customer Recommendations and Reviews: Another way to be transparent with your audience is by sharing reviews or recommendations made by past customers. Seeing what real people have to say about your brand is a big move in marketing. It proves that you have something worth talking about and that others have enjoyed your product or services.

Not every review has to be sparkling 5-stars to share, either. Many companies think it’s a bad idea to leave low-end reviews online, but it helps consumers see you as real. Otherwise, you’re just another business with nothing but good things to say about themselves. It’s not that you want to post bad publicity, but rather, show that you care about what customers say and that you’re willing to try and make amends.

5. Be Prepared for Competition: Knowing the competition is key to succeeding online. You’re literally one in a million; or in this case, one in over 600-million. Rather than hoping for the best, get a handle on the competition by doing your research. If you can find weakness in your competitor, there’s a possibility that weakness could become your greatest strength. For example, if a competing law firm only offers in person consultations, you could be one of the few who provide video consultations online.

There are many ways to stand apart from the competition if you’re willing to look for them. But, before you can appear different from competitors, you must first know what makes you the same.

Like any other social media marketing platform, it’s important to be true to your brand and only post high-quality content. Remember, it’s not just your customers who might be reading your posts, but search engines like Google and Bing. While social media is ranked differently than other websites, it can make a difference to your visibility, and is worth taking the time to excel in.

Finally, watch for LinkedIn updates as the platform ads new features all the time. So far, LinkedIn has been very modern in the way it keeps up with other platforms while still maintaining its integrity as a business site. Use that to your advantage to stand out and get ahead.