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5 Marketing Trends to Follow for Back to School

August 15, 2019

Back to school is an exciting time for parents, teachers, and students. It also opens doors to seasonal opportunities you might not see later in the year. School gear is all about the latest children’s trends. It’s not just school supplies that see a boom in sales this time of year; it’s electronics, clothing, accessories, footwear, food products, and more.

This is the time of year when kids are starting out fresh in a new class. They want the best of everything, and parents want to give it to them. From kindergarten to college, there’s a huge market here if you know what to look for. So, how can you prep your business for September? Here are 5 marketing trends to try for back to school.

1. Sales on Big Ticket Items: One trend which is sure to get your brand popularity points is sale prices on big ticket items. This means reducing prices on the costliest products in the back to school list. For most parents these items fall in the clothing and electronics department. Cell phones, tablets, and laptops are the most expensive, followed closely by shoes and clothing. If your company doesn’t specialize in these departments, don’t worry, your sale contribution still counts toward an increase in brand loyalty this time of year.

The reason these discounts seem so important just before September, rather than later in the year, is because parents are forced to buy in bulk. Binders, pens, new underpants, it’s all required in sets of 2 to 10. So, every penny counts, and your customers will be grateful that your company was the one who provided them with the deal.

2. Products Which Seem Made for the Season: For providers of food products, marketing your meals as an easy to pack lunch, breakfast on the go, or recess snack will make it sound far more appealing during the school season. A great example of this is seem in the mini chip bags which are used in school lunches and handed out as Halloween treats. Chips aren’t exactly the healthiest snack, but miniaturize it and suddenly, it’s the perfect size for a lunch bag and half the calories of a full-sized bag of chips.

This theory can be applied to all products. Purveyors of personal hygiene products make a killing this time of year by bundling important items together in a reasonably priced package. These are things all parents will need to buy their children anyway, so getting shampoo, acne face wash, deodorant and razors in an easy to carry travel bag is perfect for the school year. Market your product to the season by turning it into something easy to carry in a school bag or conveniently bundled for kids or teens.

3. In-store Only Promotions: While online shopping has increased over the last decade, in-store shopping is still king during back to school time. Parents flock to shops looking for quick finds and savvy deals. This could be due to the specific contents of each classroom teacher’s wish list, or simply because it feels better to have everything physically in hand before school starts rather than waiting on a delivery to arrive.

In-store only promotions are a hot trend around high-density shopping seasons, such as holidays. In a world where the internet appears to rule all, the in-store promotion is still a draw for shoppers.

4. Going Mobile for Back to School: For those who skip the in-store deals and stick to online shopping, the big trend in back to school is mobile shopping. Back to school shopping often takes place in waves. Parents set out with the initial supplies list pick up what they can find and spin back around for bits and pieces that got left behind. But not all parents have the time to shop the Walmart office supplies section for a week straight. Mobile shopping allows consumers to buy from anywhere anytime; on a lunch-break, while working out, or at night before bed in a comfy chair.

To maximize on the mobile school supplies shopping trend, consider making your site more mobile accessible. Mobile-friendly browsing has been the focus of web design for some time now. With Google and other search engines spouting the importance of mobile optimizing, it’s difficult to ignore. Consider how your customers will see products and information from a smaller screen. Optimize text alignment, images, and anything else that might make mobile viewing a chore.

5. Big School Shopping Budgets: Families are getting smaller, but school supplies are growing more expensive. The average parent is spending more on fewer children than parents of the past. This is a benefit to shop owners looking to make a profit because parents are willing to spend big to get the right products. From designer backpacks to designer jeans, this is one time of year when savings count, but aren’t always necessary.

Be sure to tell your customers exactly how your products will increase productivity or enjoyment come school time. Whether you sell tennis rackets or televisions, there’s a market for the back to school shopper. You just need to find your in.

These are just a few of the trends to hit the market over the past few weeks. Back to school shoppers usually start tackling this chore as of the first week of August. With that said, there are always those who wait until the last minute to buy. Whatever the case, be sure to take advantage of this season and everything parents and students are looking for.