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5 Social Media Tips You Haven’t Considered Before

May 13, 2019

Social media tips seem to come a dime a dozen, but there’s a reason there are so many – they increase ROI. Your social media game says a lot about your company, where it is now, and where it’s going. As a constantly moving and evolving stream of information, social media marketing requires constant vigilance and research to stay on top. While there are some tips that remain the same, others are popping up every day.

Do you think you know everything there is to know about social media marketing already? Here are 5-tips you may not have considered before.

1. Build Lasting B2B Relationships: A common marketing tip seen across multiple platforms is to engage with your audience to form loyalty and relationships. Something many businesses never consider, however, is bonding with other businesses within their niche. There are amazing benefits associated with inter-business friendships, such as guest marketing spots, free advertising, and help when you need it.

Ever head the phrase, “it’s all about who you know?” It’s true for getting invited to the best parties, and it’s even truer in business. When you know all the key players in your industry, you have a better chance of joining them at the top. Businesses want to help businesses that help them. Which means if you can socialize on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and that socializing has the potential to prompt mutual gain, why not go for it?

2. Have Fun – For Real: Marketing is an organized, strategic action that takes planning, budgeting, and purposeful communication. Social media sometimes works with this mindset, but that wasn’t the intended purpose for these platforms. This is a space to socialize, share, and communicate. There’s a reason so many business profiles are overlooked, and so many ads skipped over on Facebook and Instagram. It’s because of the obvious intention behind them.

Consumers are educated and know what they want. These modern shoppers can find everything they need in a matter of moments over the internet. So, what makes your company worth stopping for to read or watch a video about? Rather than trying to force the marketing agenda, just relax and have fun. Chat with customers, share funny memes you see, create videos which capture your brand but also offer something of value to your viewers. Social media marketing is a great place to show your brand has personality and to create a loyal fan base who wants to share that with their friends and family.

3. Gravitate Toward UGC: UGC, or user generated content, is exactly what it sounds like. It’s content which is created by social media users. This includes friends and followers of your brand, but also celebrities, influencers, and other authorities in their fields. Why is this a tip most marketers don’t think about? Because, as marketers, we’re warned to be original. And you should be original, but you can still be unique and share interesting or popular content by others.

Just as you see friends and family sharing videos they’ve found online through social media feeds, your business can share the same types of content. The key is to provide some sort of personal insight, such as your opinion on a video, or your own personal caption to a meme. Using this UGC not only captures the attention of the audiences who already find it so exciting, but it helps you put out more content on a regular basis without falling prey to writer’s block.

4. Let Your Brand’s Personality Shine Through: Don’t worry so much about trying to fit in with what’s hip in your industry. Instead, focus on the true personality of your brand and those who work so hard to make it shine. Customers who love your brand love it for a reason, and that’s what you want to share with your followers who have yet to shop with you.

Show the world why your brand is so special by tossing out the generic marketing chit chat and going 100% natural. We’re talking about natural opinions and reactions of course. It’s easy to get tied up with being “polite” and “formal” when representing your brand. And it’s true that you should keep things at the Family Friendly rating. However, there’s no reason you can’t be silly, speak up, and maybe even be a bit edgy. This goes hand in hand with the “have fun” tip. It really shows consumers that your brand is real. This humanizes it and makes the things you say appear more natural and believable.

5. Get Involved: Getting involved in Facebook games, local causes, celebrity news, or anything else that’s currently capturing your consumers’ attention is the best way to get ahead. It helps you become relatable, and post genuine information that makes followers want to comment. It might seem like a waste of time, but getting involved in the things that make your customers happy is a sure way to improve your brand’s image in the mind of the hundreds or maybe thousands who will stumble upon your posts.

Of course, your marketing campaign should still be based on real goals, facts, and research. But there are ways to incorporate this into a plan which focuses more on consumer interests and less on the stiff business-side of things.

So, these tips aren’t exactly unheard of, but what they are is taken for granted. Many marketers forget about these 5 little things which make such a big difference. Try using one or two in your next campaign and see what a difference they make.