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5 Tips to Keep Your Marketing Relevant Over the Summer

June 4, 2019

The summer season opens doors to a whole new demographic and provides more reason to buy products and services. Depending on your industry and business model, it could be a huge increase in revenue if you play your cards right. Through email marketing, social media advertising, and more, there are so many opportunities to improve traffic and ROI.

Unfortunately, for many local businesses, summer proves difficult for one reason. Companies aren’t willing to change their marketing model to suit the changing season. Just as the weather and outdoor activities take a swift change during this time of year, so too should your marketing efforts. It’s as simple as taking the opportunity to meet with your marketing team once every quarter for the purpose of revamping to prepare for the upcoming season.

Not sure what you could be doing differently to make summertime a cash gain instead of a cash drain? Here are 5 tips to keep your campaign relevant this summer.

1. Theme Your Business for Summer Interests: Summer is a time for beaches, pool parties, barbeques, and bathing suits. From children’s water balloon fights to cocktail parties for grown-ups, there’s so much going on during this short season to use to your advantage. Whether your company provides a product or a service, finding ways to gear it toward the summer will make your audience sit up and take notice. Why? Because people love the summer and they’re always looking for new ways to celebrate it.

Own a restaurant? Consider a luau week with a delicious Hawaiian beach-themed menu. Selling hats for a living? Find out what’s hot this summer for prints and slap some cacti, sunglasses, and flamingos on those caps.

2. Tailor Promotions to the Season: It’s not just your products and services which should reflect the season, your content and promotions should also make viewers think about summer. Use the excitement of school getting out and the warm weather rolling in to increase sales by tailoring your promotions for summer. Contests for summer related items and discounts are a great way to increase interest in your brand and remain relevant during a season when even shoppers take vacation.

Those who regularly shop with you could be gone until fall, while an entire new set of consumers could appear because they’re visiting your area for the summer holiday. How would you cultivate interest if your business were a tourist attraction? Use those ideas to produce a surefire campaign which makes people associate that exciting thing (summer) with your brand.

3. Post More Regular Content: We can’t say this enough – content is critical this time of year. Just because your regular customers are out of town doesn’t mean they aren’t checking social media and e-mail. The internet might take a backseat to water sports and outdoor activities, but no social media user would dare go water skiing without posting the photos on Instagram the same day.

Keeping all social media pages current with freshly uploaded content is one way to remain relevant as the summer season wears on. If you normally post a blog weekly, consider posting biweekly. Getting extra information out there when customers are scrolling will remind them your brand exists. Best of all, it could increase online sales from those who generally wait to visit brick and mortar locations.

4. Partner with Summer Themed Businesses: Unsure how to get your business noticed while the summer season is in full swing? Don’t have a product or service that can be “summer-ized”? No problem. You can still keep your brand at the forefront of consumer’s minds by partnering up with a brand that does have summer gear. For example, if your business sells computers but there’s a local business which sells sunglasses, you could find a way to partner up and offer free sunglasses with each computer purchase.

Similarly, you could host these summer-styled brands on your blog, website, or social media to encourage new and regular customers to check you out during the summer season. Invite a guest speaker on to discuss how best to keep surfboards maintained, or the best grilling tips for the summer; anything that helps your shoppers think of your brand and sunshine in the same sentence.

5. Get Involved in Local Summer Fun: Don’t just sit behind a computer screen publishing content about the summer – get out there and live it for yourself. Show your community that your brand is here to have fun right along with it. Just make sure someone captures these outings on video so you can share them to social media later.

From local sand sculpture contests to seasonal picnics in the park, there’s sure to be lots to do, and being part of your neighborhood during this fun time will reflect well on your business. Plus, it gives you something to post about which still relates heavily to summer and your brand’s true purpose. It’s important to still be genuine and engage with customers even when looking for new ways to be hip.

Whether these tips suit your marketing style or not, there are still ways you can change things up and create a new mood for the new season. The most important thing to remember in digital marketing is to always write to your customer. If your customers are spending their time on the beach, consider that when you’re sending out emails and typing up blogs.