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5 Trends on the Rise in 2021 for Social Media Marketing

December 3, 2020

As 2019 comes to a close, it’s important that business owners and marketers take note of the coming trends. 2021 brings with it a myriad of new color patterns, content topics, and imagery. Staying on track with the trends increases the effectiveness of social media marketing. When consumers aren’t seeing information, they’re interested in they’re less likely to engage and share. Similarly, when consumers don’t see content which is deemed trendy, they may assume the business is behind the times.

Throughout this blog, we’ll focus on 5 key trends forecasted for popularity during 2020. As you enter the new year, keep your eye on social media influencers and trending content. This ensures you’re always on top of popular content.

1. GIF Animations with Branding: GIFs are huge, and this isn’t new, but using them as an advertising tool is an underdeveloped concept. Facebook and other social media sites have even installed a GIF tool in the comment section. All a social media user needs to do is select “GIF” and type a keyword to find the image in motion they prefer. Having a branded GIF to represent your company increases brand awareness and relevance for your followers.

Creating a GIF isn’t as complicated as you may think. If you need assistance, many marketing management firms have content creating specialists to help. However, you can also make a GIF through a simple search for a GIF creation app or online tool. With your moving image ready to debut on the internet, be sure to advertise it as part of a contest of promotion. Have followers use the GIF in a post and tag your company to enter to win.

2. Neutral Palettes and Muted Tones: Bold bright colors are out, and muted neutral colors are in. The simplicity of these colors is intensified by the simplicity of text and images accompanying them. Less is more is the concept of the day, and companies who use this trendy idea into 2020 will see themselves reflected in the hottest ads around.

It’s important to keep content and ads especially relevant to your brand. Without the catchy colors or text last year’s campaigns used, you’ll need to find new and interesting ways to set yourself apart with this new muted backdrop.

3. All Caps All the Time: In the past using all caps was viewed as a faux pas, especially on social media where it could be misconstrued as yelling at viewers. Now, all caps is the way to play as you ring in the new year. Of course, general content should still be written with proper grammar and syntax. However, headlines, brief descriptions, and blurbs are coming up all caps and people love it.

This corresponds well with the new muted colors concept as it provides a pop of visual uniqueness for social media followers. Experiment with fonts to find one which is bold and heavy. Scribbly thin fonts, handwritten fonts, and curly feminine fonts are being left behind in favor of strong thick all caps font.

4. Obscure Images and Graphics: Are the 1980’s making a comeback? Maybe; that seems to be the impression 2020 marketing is giving us. Obscure and abstract graphics are overtaking the bold obvious images of 2019. Hinting at what a picture represents rather than outright telling the audience what they’re looking at seems to be the latest trend.

More and more businesses are choosing to market themselves on social media with these minimalistic art renderings. This makes it easier to find useable content as there are plenty of stock photos and clip art depicting exactly what the social media users are craving.

5. Keep it Simple: Again the “less is more” adage comes into play with the simplicity of 2020’s new marketing theme. You saw it in the obscure graphics, bold capitalized font, and muted colors. Now, you’ll see it in content creation as well. Direct, straight to the point copy is coming to the social media table in the new year. Grabby taglines which hint at being clickbait without actually being clickbait are over. Consumers want to know what they’re about to read.

A great example of this is seen in the cooking world where social media users are complaining about the overindulgent writing in food blogs and recipe websites. Nobody wants to read an hour of personal anecdotes before they find the ingredients needed to bake an apple pie. It’s turning people away from these pages and it’s not surprising.

It’s well documented that internet users want instant gratification when it comes to the searches we make. When social media users need to pour through paragraphs to find one line of information, they’re less likely to follow the information and go in search of a more concise writer. By simplifying your copy, you give your followers what they want, when they want it – which is right now.

Hopefully these 5 tips for the coming marketing year are helpful. When in doubt, doing your own research is always beneficial. Different industries call for a different style of marketing. Your target audience will also predict how you change your campaign in 2021. If your audience consists of 15-25-year-olds this minimalist style of marketing is perfect. If you’re targeting older audiences of 50-75, keeping with the “old ways” of loopy font, photographs, and descriptive copy might be best. Only you know what will work for your business.