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5 Video Ideas for This Year’s Holiday Marketing Campaign

December 12, 2020

Hopefully most holiday campaigns are in full swing. Some may even be wrapping up. Any commerce-driven business owner knows the holiday shopping season isn’t over until it’s truly over. This means that heaping on the holiday advertising until the New Year is key.

One of the best ways to improve customer engagement and site traffic is by investing in video content. Video content has always been popular, but the last decade has seen a huge spike in its use. From social media to landing pages, and even email marketing, videos pay off. So, it only makes sense to use videos on your holiday marketing campaigns.

There are so many amazing ideas for holiday videos out there that really sell. If you can get a good video going, the possibilities for likes, shares, and comments are endless. But, what kind of content hits home? Here are 5 video ideas for your year-end marketing campaign.

1. Heartfelt and Personal Videos

Nothing says Christmas like a touching scene that warms your heart. This is one of the major lessons taught to us by the Hallmark movie trend. Creating a heartfelt video doesn’t need to feel awkward or stressful. It’s as simple as getting personal with your viewers, wishing everyone a happy New Year, and giving them something to feel warm and fuzzy about.

A great idea for a heartfelt video is sharing a personal Christmas memory which is near and dear to your heart. As a business, it’s important that this story be relevant to your brand; even better if it’s relevant to your product or service. For example, if you run a chocolate company, you might post a video telling a story about your Granny’s famous hot cocoa, and how that recipe always made you think of Christmas; if you can include the recipe in the video, even better. The more personal and heartfelt this type of video is, the better it reads to your viewers.

2. Snow Filled Fun Videos

Winter isn’t just a time for the holidays; it’s a time for cold weather and winter sports. Ice skating, building snowmen, having snowball fights, creating ice sculptures, and sledding, all bring warm memories to your viewers. If you live in an area without snow, this is the perfect time to get creative and opt for a bit of a comedy edge to your video. Snow makes people think about the holidays, and this gets people thinking about holiday shopping and everything that’s left to buy. If your business includes some of these products – bonus!

User generated content is great for the snow filled videos because it’s easy to find well-made scenes which your audience will love. Ask viewers to comment with their favorite snowy activity.

3. Holiday Movie Clips

Holiday movies are the second-best thing about the holidays after the food. Posting clips from your holiday faves encourage interaction from followers and provides your social media account or blog with some useful content you didn’t need to create on your own.

There are so many movies to choose from, and depending on the response you’re looking for, you can choose just about any scene you’d like. Consider the message you want to send, and the outcome you desire. If you’re looking for customer engagement, comedies and classics work best. Try asking followers to comment with a clip of their own favorite holiday film, and watch conversations spark among customers. Remember, the more engagement on your content, the more visible it becomes.

4. A Video from Us to You

There’s a reason those Elf Yourself office videos became so popular over the years. It gives customers a chance to see their favorite businesses let loose and get festive. Share a funny or wish-filled moment with your customers by creating a video of the entire office in Santa hats signing Jingle Bells, or in reindeer antlers shouting, “Happy Holidays!”

You could also include a short video clip from your office holiday party. Introduce everyone and give your customers a glimpse of their favorite salespeople in their Christmas finery. It’s nice to see the humanization of our favorite brands. It lets consumers relate better and reminds them that they aren’t buying from a faceless entity, but other men and women with families.

5. Christmas Karaoke for All

Singing in videos is wildly popular around the world, so, why not take advantage of it in your holiday video. TikTok is a perfect platform for this, providing background music with the simple task of lip synching or dancing along. Count down the 12 days of Christmas with one short clip a day. Involve your staff so everyone has a chance to get involved.

Ask customers to send in their best rendition of a holiday classic for a chance to win a prize. Everybody loves a good contest before the holidays. Karaoke is all about letting loose and having fun, and that’s exactly what a holiday video should portray.

Wrapping up the Holidays

Holiday videos are about encouraging customers to experience those warm tingly feelings when they think of your brand. All those festive feelings help build brand loyalty and create the idea that your brand is holly jolly and on top of holiday trends.

Whatever type of video content you choose to create this season, be sure to captivate your audience with visible, audible content they will want to share. Sharing is caring, and there’s no time to share like the holidays.