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5 Ways to Make Your Instagram Feed More Creative and Catchy

September 21, 2018

Instagram began as a way for friends to share photos in an image-oriented new feed, but it’s grown into so much more. As one of the most popular social media services on the internet, an app which was once considered a social tool only has quickly become a helpful marketing tool for businesses around the world. In fact, those who haven’t yet jumped aboard the Instagram train may be missing out on several resourceful ways to create greater traffic flow to websites.


Just getting started on Instagram? Or been on Instagram a while but haven’t quite figured out the right combination to create a lasting impression with followers? Here are 5 tips to make your Story worth following.


  1. 1. Face Filters Aren’t Just for Faces: Most people are familiar with face filter tools. They make eyes appear larger, cheeks appear thinner, and chins appear narrower, and more prominent. Basically, they create societies idea of an “ideal” face shape on any face the filter covers. So, of course most people use these filters solely on images of faces, but this doesn’t have to be the case.


Face filters can create some interesting frames and image enhancing qualities which work well on other photos. While not every image might work beneath the facial filtering application, it’s certainly one way to be more creative with your Instagram Stories.


  1. 2. Make Your Text Stand Out: Remember when PowerPoint became the next big thing in speeches and presentations and everybody started learning about the importance of font? Instagram has some font options as well, and they can make all the difference when you want to stand apart from photos being posted by a competitor. One way many Insta-users are capitalizing on font change is by creating rainbow text or using a highlight color from the photo being posted.


By selecting classic font and dragging color from the color tray with one finger while simultaneously touching the blue dot at the bottom of the text you’ve highlighted, you can change text color to something which will stand out and draw the attention of potential consumers.


  1. 3. Use the “Tap to Reveal” Feature in Polls: When you’re creating content you want the public’s opinion on, using a tap to reveal draws curious eyes and will guarantee a click. This new feature is interactive and fun and has become a popular way for celebrities to share news stories. Use it to display new products, reveal recent coupons or campaigns, or show off new additions to your staff.


To setup a tap to reveal image, select your photo, and using the pen tool, color over the top layer of your image with the color of your choice. Once you’ve got color everywhere it needs to be, simply save your image and switch over to your eraser tool. Erase a circle of your color topping and save again, continue until the photo is uncovered and you’ve revealed the latest service, product, or sale you wish to share.


This isn’t just a creative way to share your story, but a fun and whimsical way to expand your customer base and create new traffic. Research has shown that internet users love taking online quizzes and playing online games, and the tap to reveal process includes a little bit of both.


  1. 4. Post a Behind the Scenes Video: Videos are nothing new to the avid Instagram user, but have you thought about using your video story feed to share something new about your brand? A behind the scenes video offers consumers a closer look at what you do, the team you work with, and a day in the life of your company. This transparent approach to marketing makes the consumer feel like they’re really getting to know you and your brand.


Behind the scenes videos can be taken in short clips with introductions of the team, a tour of the central office, or a sneak peek at new up and coming products yet to hit the shelves. Whatever you decide to include, make it seem as candid as possible to create the illusion of an intimate glance at your company.


  1. 5. Account Takeover Stories: Instagram users love a fresh take on an old news feed, and with an “Account takeover” your followers get to see a joint venture between your brand and a peer company leader, or a member of your internal team. You can choose to swap Insta accounts for the day with another brand, creating interesting and creative story feed for both camps of consumers, or you can let an up and coming staff member take your followers through a life in the day of the company.


Think of an account takeover the way you would a guest blogger on your website. It provides a new perspective, some authority on a new subject, and some free advertising for both parties involved.


Instagram can help you grow your business, create useful content, market your brand, and promote traffic to your website. Site owners who have yet to create an Instagram account should embrace the new and give this photo-centric sharing site a chance. Unlike Facebook and Twitter which require a lot of talking and conversation to stir followers, Instagram focuses on hashtags and images, with a small calling for videos as well. If you can snap a photo, you can keep an Instagram interesting and up to date, so embrace the story of your brand and get motivated.