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6 Reasons to Try Social Media in 2020

March 10, 2021

It may come as a surprise but not all businesses choose to invest in social media marketing. Some are still without social media accounts, others without websites. In an age governed by the internet, it’s shocking to see businesses embracing traditional marketing over modern marketing. For some industries this still works, but there are many reasons to try social media in the new year if you haven’t yet.

Throughout this blog you’ll learn more about the advantages social media use brings to the business marketing game. You’ll learn about the 6 main benefits of social media and how easy it is to try it for yourself.

1. Become Part of the Crowd: Consumers want to shop from companies they relate to. There’s a huge boom in shopping local and small businesses are reaping the benefits. Whether you’re a small or large company, you too can increase brand loyalty by giving your company the human touch. On the internet there’s nothing more human than social media. Designed to bring people together and get people talking and sharing, social media is the perfect place to design a marketing campaign aimed at showing your brand’s humanity.

Creating a social media account lets you connect with customers on a different level than a weekly newsletter or monthly blog. Your customers can like, share, and comment on the content you post. You can create exclusive promotions, contests, and more directly on your profile.

2. Affordable Marketing: Setting up an account on a social media platform is free. Adding followers and following other profiles is free. Posting content, sharing pictures, and uploading videos is free. Social media marketing is a highly affordable option for small businesses and startups. It allows you to share information about your brand without spending a penny.

Of course, social media also has paid marketing options, but this isn’t mandatory, and some businesses choose to stick with organic social media marketing. It’s all up to you and the image you want to portray online.

3. Build Your Customer Base by Partnering: Social media influencers are the celebrities of the digital age. These individuals market themselves, products, social stories, and more. Partnering with a YouTuber or Instagram celebrity who mirrors your brand image boosts awareness of your company and increases your own follower base.

Social media influencer partnership offers instant recognition of your brand and product. Anybody following those influencers will see your brand online and may take an interest in what you offer.

4. Increased Customer Engagement: One of the ways Google weighs the importance of a business for search engine ranking is customer engagement. It can be difficult to get customers to interact and engage on a website or blog. However, social media is a common place for customer engagement. Increase involvement and communication with followers by asking questions, creating polls, offering incentives, and commenting and sharing your follower’s content.

The more you engage with your followers they more the engage back. This creates “buzz” over your brand and could increase awareness of your business on other platforms or through you blog and website. The more engagement customers create the greater the chance for improved website traffic and ROI.

5. Access to Analytics and Metrics: Collecting data on your customers is an important part of marketing. It tells you what they like and don’t like, age range and location, and more. Social media offers business owners affordable access to analytics and metrics regarding your customer base. It also provides feedback on your current popularity among followers.

Reports from social media show you how many visitors you have each day, how many likes, comments, shares, and more. You can track hashtags or mentions to see who is talking about you and in what context.

6. Reputation Management: Keeping your nose clean as a business is crucial to your image. Social media makes it easy to track your online reputation and repair damage before it happens. Having direct access to communication with your customers makes it easy to apologize for errors, set records straight regarding rumors, and keep your followers informed on all the latest promotions and offers.

Engaging with customers gives consumers a wholesome image of your company. By staying active online, posting relevant content, and always replying to questions and comments on your account, you show customers that you care. This creates a positive image for your brand and helps wash away any negativity which could creep up later on.

If negative comments do surface on social media, being able to address them straight away and publicly shows your customers that you take complaints seriously. It’s not always possible to make every consumer happy, but being polite and respectful even during negative confrontation paints you in a positive light.

Setting up a social media account is as simple as typing the name of the platform you want to visit (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), and creating an account. Once your account is made, updating your profile to include a mini bio, photo, and background photo is enough to make your account unique. From here, adding content and uploading photos and videos will put you directly in the social media marketing game.

If you’re unsure about how to get started with social media marketing, consider calling a social media management company or an online marketing firm. These businesses will help you get your sites up and running and walk you through the basics before handing back the reigns. Some businesses choose to let marketing companies handle their entire social media posting. It’s entirely up to you.