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6 Social Media Posts to Bulldoze Your Dry Spell

December 11, 2020

Social media is an easy enough tool to use, but mastering it is a whole other story. Many business owners and marketers find themselves scraping the barrel for ideas on a weekly basis. Once you’ve been in the game for a while, finding novel concepts to write about is tough. Fortunately, there are some sure-fire ways to beat that dry spell and engage your followers.

Struggling with your social media campaign lately? Here are 6 ideas to overcome the social media blues and get your page buzzing again.

1. Give a Real Opinion on a Topic Under the Spotlight of Social Media Users

Of course, business owners must be careful about topics they include in their social media pages. Hot button issues like politics and religion should be avoided at all costs. However, there are plenty of spotlighted issues your followers find interesting which you could weigh in on. Seeing you comment or write about something consumers are excited about increases the potential for brand loyalty and shared posts.

The key to being successful with these types of posts is to scroll through social media to see which side of the argument your followers are leaning toward. Once you know which opinion will be most popular, it’s easy to create content which will spark comments and likes, rather than disdain.

2. Provide Insight on Current Industry News

Your industry is the reason consumers follow you in the first place. If you run a plumbing service, for example, your social media base is likely made up of homeowners who use your services. So, posting about something unrelated isn’t as likely to promote traffic to your own website. Follow news on your field to find current topics which your followers will want to read about.

A shoe company, as an idea, might post about athletes who swear by their product. Or, they might post about an upcoming shoe-related event which is coming to town. Anything that encourages customers to read what you write, comment and engage, and travel over to your website to see what your services are all about is a successful post.

3. Ask for Opinions or Advice from Followers on a New Product or Service

Everybody has an opinion; it’s just a matter of sussing it out. For social media users, posting an opinion is as easy as breathing air. Users of social media post comments about daily interactions, photos of meals, and even let each other know when they’re going to the gym, school, work, or grocery store. So, why wouldn’t they want to tell you what they think of your new product or service?

Social media is all about sharing, so be sure to use this to your advantage and enquire about your consumer’s thoughts on potential future projects. Would a new clothing design by popular or should you focus more on the new makeup line you’ve been considering? How popular your new product will be is dictated by buyers. Getting their opinions on the matter only makes sense.

4. Be Silly – Share a Meme

Nobody likes a business page that’s stuffy and boring. Posting a silly meme from time to time not only shows your humanity, but gives you a little content break. Finding a meme which relates to your field of work or consumer base is far easier than typing up a 1000-word blog on a whim. Especially if you’ve been suffering from writer’s block.

Using memes which are trending as most popular is also a great way to show that you’re hip and with the times. Customers want to know that the brands they’re buying from are knowledgeable and current. Not just within your industry, but with the world at large. Social media has become a huge part of the lives of millions of Americans, so if you’re unable to recall current trends, it doesn’t bode well for your brand as an ambassador of the modern world.

5. Fill in the Blank

Everybody likes a good adlib, so why not use this interest to your advantage? Create a fill in the blank post for your customers to comment on. Make it witty, humorous or relating to your field. If your field of work is law, you might post, “Two lawyers found themselves stranded on a desert island. One said to the other, I sure wish we had a…” It’s asking for creative responses, it’s poking fun at your own profession, it’s showing consumers that you’re human and you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Fill in the blank posts can be related to products and services as well. Something as simple as, “This year I’d really like to see “insert brand here” release a new…” Anything that gets social media users talking is valuable and creates greater internal SEO.

6. Post a Motivational Quote

Finally, motivate your followers by posting a quote from time to time. Maybe make a “motivational Monday” segment to get consumers through the work week. Everybody loves encouragement, and your brand can impact followers and their loyalty by treating them to a little weekly encouragement.

Spice up your motivational post by adding it to a graphic or colorful background. If you create an image to frame your quote, it’s more likely to be shared by others.

Hopefully this update has been useful to your social media experience. The most important thing to remember when creating social media content is to post what your followers are craving. You can deduce this by reading posts they make, and checking industry trends.