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6 Steps To Choosing An SEO Agency

February 3, 2015

Congrats! You have a website – or maybe you aren’t even that far yet – but how in the world wide web are you supposed to get any search traffic and generate conversions? With over 60 trillion pages online, showing up anywhere near the top of search results is no small task. Having a web presence is essential for almost every business, but it is an investment just like any other part of your marketing, and you need to be able to see return. Enter SEO.

Search engine optimization – a main aspect of search engine marketing – in a nutshell “is the act of optimizing a website through key words and website development to boost natural search engine listings.” It might sound simple enough, but SEO incorporates dozens and dozens of factors, and it’s evolving daily. So what’s a person to do? Whether you run a small business, head up a massive organization, or just want your organic search traffic to get a boost, here are some key topics you should go over before selecting an SEO company.

Choosing An SEO Company

1. Flee From Guarantees

A guarantee is a guaranteed way to get involved with trouble. I guarantee it. In all seriousness, if an SEO agency claims that it can absolutely, without-a-doubt get you on page one fast, then you’ll probably want to steer clear as the company is either using black hat tactics or won’t be able to deliver on the promise. Instead, look for a proven track record. Many companies honestly boast very high success rates, but a guarantee is a red flag.

2. Look For Testimonials

Many SEO companies will provide testimonials and case studies on their site. Those are great, but they’re only the tip of the iceberg. Just as you would before doing business with anyone, take a few moments to do your research. Dig a little bit and find reviews that aren’t just promoted on the agency’s site. Remember, whoever you choose to move forward with will be an extension – or in some cases, your entire – marketing department. You want them to represent you in the same way you want your employees to.

3. Check The Price Point

An SEO agency that has rates through the roof does not necessarily provide more value. On the flip side, be wary of services that come at a too-good-to-be-true price. If something seems off, ask about it. Do your research and settle on a price that meets your budget and seems reasonable for what they offer.  And on that note…

4. What Do They Offer?

SEO has dozens of aspects, so the company you choose can’t be a one-trick pony. Don’t be afraid to ask about their process and how things are done. If there’s a possibility that you will need to employ social media, email marketing, or PPC strategies down the road, be sure you know what they can offer. Do they have a content writer? Who handles programming? Set expectations early regarding deliverables, reporting, and any other concerns you have.

5. Get In For The Long Haul

I’ve seen ads to pay a one-time fee to get onto page one of Google and never again deal with your SEO company. And I cringe. You want to bring on an SEO expert that values relationships, someone that will learn about your business and industry. Avoid any quick fixes. Again, you are looking for an extension of your own company. Their business is keeping you in business after all.

6. Trust Your Gut

You can never underestimate the importance of a gut feeling. Sure, it can be off time to time especially around lunchtime, but if you aren’t getting good vibes, take a moment to rethink and reassess before you make any big decisions. You need to be able to trust your SEO agency and have confidence in their work. This is someone you may be working with for years to come, and you want to have the right pick on your team.

And there you have it: 6 steps to choosing the right SEO agency for you. What are some other things that you recommend? Share your thoughts below!