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6 Tips for Better Client Relationships

December 10, 2018

Building a relationship with clients, especially through social media, can be challenging. The key is to keep engaging them, creating content which draws the eye and intrigues the mind. When your customers and clients are interested in what you have to say and want to follow your social media posts, they are more likely to visit you in a brick and mortar store, or your official website as well. Here are 6 ways you can begin building a better client

1. Remarket Content in Unique Ways: Whether it’s a tweet, a post on Facebook, or a blurb on Instagram, you can remarket your social media content by adding a twist. This is not only a great way to use your content again without overdoing it, but an amazing opportunity to repeat memes, quotes, Gifs, and other popular content which has made its rounds. These popular posts are already drawing attention and entertaining the masses, so you may as well use them to your advantage by remarketing them with a twist.

You can repost with something as simple as, “We love this idea, what do you think?” or go so far as to provide insight, comments, and additional photos to spice things up. The bottom line is that the content is still your own in one way or another but appeals to the crowd on a higher level than the average post.

2. Add an Acronym: Believe it or not, your clients are more likely to acknowledge and read deeper into a post if there’s an acronym involved. This could be because OMG, BTW, or BRB add a touch of caps in just the right tone to make scrollers take pause on your post. They also tend to be evoking a similar sentiment to an exclamation point, or at the very least, something worth noting in an otherwise standard piece of conversation.

Acronyms are especially popular among the young adults who use them frequently, although there is no age cap to this tactic. In fact, if a consumer from the older generation is unsure of the meaning, they may be more likely to take a second look and even ask a question, engaging you in conversation and opening doors to further explore your brand.

3. Ask Questions and Be Interactive: Interacting with consumers has long been a target of SEO strategies, but now it’s proposed you take it that one step further and initiate the conversations. Don’t just answer questions or apologize to poor reviews, take the initiative to ask your customers what they think, what they want to see next, how their days are going, and whatever else might start a conversation. This is an especially great way to begin a new campaign or contest, inviting your clients to help select a prize, contest subject matter, or more.

When social media users feel they’re being called upon to add their two-cents, they’re more likely to engage rather than scrolling on by yet another random piece of online content. These questions can also act as a call to action, causing your clients to pop on over to your website.

4. Use Shock Value, But Not Click Bait: Sure, click bait will give you a result 8 times out of 10, but it also leads to reports of spam and agitated consumers. One way to create a similar reaction to click bait without actually succumbing to this fraudulent style of writing is by using truly exciting or shocking news to draw in the customer. You can do this by taking a small quote from your actual blog update which indicates something intense or interesting. To be sure you don’t wind up with complaints, be sure that whatever the quote is hinting at actually gets revealed.

Nobody likes to click on a link which promises something only to find that there’s nothing worthwhile on the other end. In fact, this could cause some clients to feel cheated and tricked. Instead, use this tactic to make startling predictions about the future of the brand. To really put this concept up a notch, try including visuals, such as videos, photos, or infographics to make the piece interesting once the viewer clicks it.

5. Stick with It: It’s not always the easiest thing to find time to blog or post on social media, and sometimes it might even seem like nobody’s reading it enough to make it worthwhile, but the more you post the more traffic you create. Not only does frequently updating make your website seem more actively maintained, but it improves your overall search engine optimization ranking; choosing a day to post and a frequency with which to do so helps establish yourself and your brand on the internet. Once interested consumers realize that your social media account can be trusted to deliver news and anecdotes on a regular basis, you’ll discover more and more followers taking an interest and interacting with you regularly.

6. Keep Things Politically Correct: As in business, there’s really no place for politics or any other touchy subjects in social media; at least, not when you’re trying to connect to follower who may have conflicting opinions. Keeping your opinions on these subjects out of your work environment creates a more neutral ground where consumers of all backgrounds can connect as equals.

For more of the latest news on social media etiquette and how to better interact with your consumers, check back soon.