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Your Quick Tip Guide to Keyword Research

November 13, 2012

Keyword research is a major part of any new campaign and finding the correct keyword to target can be crucial to the success of a campaign.  Several things to keep in mind when researching keywords are


Keyword research can make or break a campaign.


a) Are the keywords relevant to the product you are targeting?

b) If you offer a local service, are you researching locally targeted keywords? For example, if you offer hair waxing services in Gilbert, Arizona, are you targeting keywords similar to, “Hair Waxing in Gilbert, AZ”?

c) How competitive are the keywords that you are researching? Who is ranking on Page 1 of Google for these terms? How long have they been there and how many backlinks have they acquired? Can you compete?

d) How many people are searching for the keywords that you are researching? Targeting keywords with extremely high search volume, especially at the beginning of any give campaign, is not a strategy that we recommend.

e) Can you organically insert this keyword into your website content? Will it seem natural to add this keyword into your copy?

Should you decide to explore keywords for yourself, I would recommend using a tool like the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, which can be found here: This tool offers information regarding keyword Search Volume, and also offers recommendations for variations of the keywords that you enter. This will help you to build a robust list of keywords that you can further research in by viewing the competitors in Google.

Keyword research can be a little work at first; however it certainly pays off when you begin to see improvements in website traffic, followed by conversions.