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Facebook’s Graph Search, Making Searches a Little More Personal.

January 21, 2013

Facebook recently announced the roll-out of its upgraded search tool “Graph Search” which has the technological world abuzz with the possibilities it will bring. Currently in beta, the new tool will take searching from the basics of just being able to find a single person or business to a new level of finding people based on interests, locations and images. Looking for friends living in Colorado who like yoga? No problem. What about college friends with pictures of dogs? Yep, Facebook can find that too.

While on the surface, this new search engine may seem like just another way for friends to find, connect with, and/or stalk other friends, it is actually one more reason a business should make sure their social media ducks are in a row. This new way of searching essentially takes Yelp and makes it a little more personal. Users will be able to search for “thai restaurants in San Diego my friends like” and “yoga studios in Colorado my friends have been to” and see results based o friends’ interests. This in turn, means for every “like” you receive, every “check-in” that is made, a door to hundreds of potential new costumers has opened.


Having the ability to reach your consumer through Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus is no longer just a bonus these days but a necessity to be successful. Spending the time to cultivate a positive following on these outlets is proving to be more and more beneficial and one that’s well worth spending the time to do.

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