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A Few Effective Google Plus Strategies

February 28, 2012

Over the past year, we have been practicing various strategies within Google Plus to identify which techniques/tasks will help improve our clients’ rankings. It has become apparent that just creating a business profile is not enough. There are many things you can do to improve your Google Plus activity. But here are a few strategies you can perform to make sure your Google Plus account is working for you.

1. You must be in as many circles as possible

This is NOT the same as adding a variety of users to your circles. When you do that, all you are doing is getting what they plus streamed to your wall. The goal is to get what you plus to show up on other peoples’ walls. So, how do I get a lot of followers you might ask? Well, for starters, re-share all the really good (non-competitive) pages others in your niche plus. You’ll be piggy backing whoever plussed it before you and as others notice your profiles, they will add you to their circle in hopes that you’ll always be sharing topics of interest.

You could simply add 100’s of other users in hopes that a percentage of them add you to their circles in return. But before doing this, if you want them to add you back, it is imperative that you make sure your wall/plus stream is filled with pages that will interest others and entice them to re-share it on their walls.

2. Others must plus what you share.

Whether you’re in 10 other users’ circles or in 1,000, a certain percentage (10% percent has proven well) of your ‘followers’ must plus or comment on what you share. This indicates to Google that what you share holds some type of value. If you share/plus 100 pages and no one re-shares, plusses or comments on them, Google could tell that what you share isn’t valuable, and it could do more harm to what you plus than help. So you either have to be careful on what you plus, or on who follows you. The key is to be resourceful and to help Google determine which pages are important for their search engine.

3. Post Frequently

For some reason, Google really likes the active plusser. It is recommended to plus at least 1 to 2 pages a week. This not only shows that you are active and current, it also keeps you in the mix with all the other obsessive plussers. This increases your odds of other users finding you as well. The challenge is posting often AND making sure your posts are of interest to others. This may seem difficult to achieve, however it actually isn’t too hard to quickly find a page 1/10th of your followers would like. Consider an interesting craft at Pinterest, something hot on a popular news site, a funny Youtube video, or a great tutorial associated with your niche. The net is full of catchy stuff, and Google realizes this. You just have to prove that you are a trusted contributor. And make sure every once in a while you add your site to the mix; after all your site is interesting, right??

So, there you have it, 3 strategies you must keep in mind when trying to become a Google Plus pro.

If you are a client and need assistance, please let us know. We are SEO professionals and Google Plus plays a big role in Google’s new algorithm. So, yes, we know what we are doing and can help you every step of the way 🙂 If you are trying to make your own business profile (different than personal), here’s a Google Plus Business tutorial straight from Google.