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A Few Ways YOU Can Help Your SEO Campaign

December 5, 2012

Many clients ask us for ways that they can help with their marketing efforts. I compiled a list of several ideas that can help further the efforts we are completing on our end:

Guest Blogging – Creating relationships with other blogs is a great way to acquire a link back to your website. This, not only helps your SEO, but also helps you gain authority with Google and helps to promote your brand.  This will also help you with a little boost in your direct traffic.

Promote Social Profiles – Adding a button from your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Youtube accounts to your website won’t give you much SEO value, however it can provide you with a good amount of click through traffic and further help your visitors to understand who you are as a company. The more information you can provide to a visitor, the more confident they become and the more willing they will be to work with you.

Create Opportunities for Interviews and Media Exposure – Get out there and Network! Look for opportunities for other people to share and/or promote your business. Be bold! You never know what opportunities may be lurking around the corner.

Create Opportunities for Others to Link to you – Think about the things that you find to be interesting and those that you would be willing to share with your community.  Infographics, videos, widgets, online tools and resource lists are just a few ideas. Create something that will, not only, capture the visitor, but that they will want to share with their friends. Draw attention to yourself by producing interesting content!

While these are just a few ideas, my best advice is that you stay open and look for opportunities. Be a savvy marketer in all areas of your life. Share your passion for your business with everyone that you encounter. While we can control the online portion of your marketing campaign, you will need to be your own business advocate in the world!