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All About Landing Pages

December 10, 2010

Landing pages are created for the sole purpose of driving traffic to a particular website and can be very beneficial to any SEO campaign.  This page will generally display content that corresponds with the advertisement or link and is optimized to facet specific keywords and phrases.  So I know what you’re thinking…what makes landing pages different from the other pages on your website?  Well, the answer is that these pages are more targeted in order to build rankings for the key terms that the page is optimized for.   

For example, say you have a website for golf schools.  You may have specific locations that you want to start ranking for on the search engines, such as Myrtle Beach.  So, instead of focusing all of your link building to the various existing pages on your site, you might create a page that focuses specifically on the golf schools located in Myrtle Beach.  The images and content would be directly related to this location which will result in an incredibly relevant page for link building.  Having a page that is designed and optimized for a specific key term is one of the best ways to get the most out of your link building efforts.

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when you create your landing pages.  These pages should include images and branding that correspond with the actual site as well as links that point towards the main pages of your website.  For each URL the landing pages should contain about 400 to 800 words of content (try to lean towards the 800 mark).  Of course, each page should focus specifically on key terms that you want to target (try to keep it limited to about 2 to 3 key terms per landing page).  Also make sure to keep in mind that URL relevancy is important as well, so it is best to include your main key term in the URL if possible.

These landing pages will help give you a boost in your SEO campaign by making the most out of your online marketing.

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