BrightHaus Digital Marketing Agency

An Account Manager’s Survival Guide

October 23, 2010

As an account manager here at SEOhaus, there are several things that we would like our customers to know. First, at the beginning of a SEO campaign many of our customers ask that we go through their websites with a fine-toothed comb, create new and original content, raise keyword density, optimize title and Meta tags and generally overhaul their site. In some cases this is necessary; however in other cases, where we begin a campaign with already ranking keywords, this may be an extraneous measure. If a website is already ranking we say, “why mess with a good thing!?” There may be a point, further into the campaign, in which we decide to tweak things a little bit. For instance, if we encounter a sticky keyword, we may decide to change or add content to help it gain traction. My point is, if we don’t send you a laundry list of website changes, it doesn’t mean that we love you any less! I promise!

This brings me to another topic. When changes are made to a website, we will usually see an initial drop in both keyword rankings and traffic. Many of our customers forget to tell us that they are making changes to their site and it usually goes something like this:

Jori: LESLIE! ALL of’s keywords have dropped and their traffic is a disaster! Oh no! Is the world ending!? What should we do!?

Leslie: Check to see if there have been changes made to the site.

Jori: Oh yes, complete site redesign. Whew!

The terror that you hear above is what we, here at SEOhaus, have coined, “SEO Panic”.  All I’m saying is, “If you’re going to change your site, save your Account Manager the fright…please write”.  Just a little note will do. =)

Also, if your website flash based, please don’t be offended if we ask to re-program it in html. It isn’t that we don’t like your site. Flash websites are just kind of SEO’s nemesis and do not provide us with the opportunity to produce the best results for you.

Furthermore, we want, more than anything, to see your site become a success. There is nothing more gratifying, as an account manager, than to be able to send our “Congratulations Your Site is on the 1st Page of Google” emails. Consider us your cheerleaders, minus the cute outfits and pom poms.