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Another Google Algorithm Update?!

April 26, 2012

Recently, we wrote a blog post about Google updating their algorithm more than ever. Since that post, Google introduced 2 updates. One was on April 17th 2012, which was really just an update to help them filter out park domains. Then on the 24th, they rolled out a whole new ranking update that influenced many websites’ rankings.

SIDE NOTE: The algorithm changes are more frequent today because Google doesn’t have to update the whole algorithm when they want to make an simple update anymore. Before, they had to update the whole algorithm at once if they ever wanted to make changes. So the changes were taken more seriously and made less frequently. But now, because of Panda, if they ever want to make an update, they can just update individual variables of the formula instead of replacing the whole formula with a completely new one. And since Google likes to test, test, test, they switch out or add different factors here and there, more often.

The most recent change was the over-optimization update Matt Cutts already hinted at a couple months back. So the SEO community was already ranting and raving about how to anticipate it. I think Google was being nice by warning webmasters and giving them a chance to make sure the update doesn’t drop them off the face of Google Search.

This is why it pays to keep an ear to the industry and to listen to whatever Google has to say (after all, we are trying to rank on their search engine).

Again, if you are a client of ours, don’t worry, we got you covered 🙂