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Apple Launches iWatch?

February 22, 2013

It’s been announced that Apple filed a patent for what seems to be a touch screen wrist watch that is flexible to enough to bend. The patent was filed in August 2011. The suspected iWatch could also be around 9 inches in size.

So just what are Apple up to? Patents aren’t really anything to scream about. Steve Jobs actually was well known (or not so well known) for having alleged weekly meetings with his in-house attorneys called ‘Patent meetings’ where tech, Jobs himself and the attorneys would throw out random ideas and ask ‘Is that a patent?’  If it was, an application would be filed.

So is this just another finger in another pie?  Whilst Apple have mastered touch screen devices, it’s still behind on desktop or laptop touch screens, and if it’s to keep up with other manufacturers, that will probably be on the cards next.  It’s unlikely they’ll release any kind of smartphone watch in 2013.

So why are they constantly filing patents? In the eyes of Google – Apple is a clear winner. Over 11 million people search for Apple products every month, versus 4 million who search for Microsoft.  The iPhone however comes in at a close shave with ‘iPhone’ being searched 3.3 million times a month versus ‘Samsung Galaxy’ raking 2.7million in global search.  So, whilst Apple definitely seems to be the most popular choice, of the 1.6 billion smartphones shipped in 2012 – Samsung was responsible for 396.5 million of them. Apple? 135.8 million. (that was still a 46% year on year growth for Apple!!) Samsung’s stock price also continues to climb despite a slight drop last year when Apple famously sued them for copyright infringement.

Thus, whilst the iPhone might be the world’s most popular phone, they can never afford to slow down the pace.  Since news hit this morning of their patent for a suspected iWatch, their stock price has grown three points!

Is Apple dominating the market?  Google it!


  • Judithanne Westrope says:

    Should Apple provide a watch, it will be something unique. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  • Laura Masty says:

    Will be interesting to see how Samsung and Apple continue to compare- with or without an iWatch!

  • A wearable iPod with a watch-functionality seems like a likely step, as it would coincide nicely with Apple’s partnership with Nike for those that use their iPod for a soundtrack to some sort of activity on-the-go. The Apple patent issue is such a tough one as a consumer–their products tend to be superior (in my eyes) in terms of design and functionality, but the reliance on litigious methods of blocking competition is a little over the top.

  • Ethan Brown says:

    I love watches. Can’t wait for this if its all true.

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