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Apple News Making Waves This Month

March 12, 2018

Apple is known for their continued use of comfortable designs in both mobile devices and computers, asking the age-old question, “Why change a good thing?” For those who have become used to this progression of Apple technology, the latest updates from the tech giant might be surprising. From phone casings to economic MacBooks, there are plenty of changes on the horizon for Apple users.

Glass Backs for iPhone

Glass casing is the latest in tech trends when it comes to mobile phones, as can be seen on the Xperia XZ2, Blade V9, and Galaxy S9. It should come as no surprise that Apple jumped on this trend with the iPhone X, and will continue using glass casing moving forward. The popularity of glass comes as a surprise to those worried about fragility, but it has yielded better results for WiFi and Bluetooth signals than its aluminum predecessor. Unfortunately, it does boost the cost of the device, bringing prices up, and making it simple to pick apart the glass backed phones from the ones still hosting an aluminum frame.

Unfortunately, with the enhanced fragility, the iPhone X, and other glass cased mobile phones cost more to maintain and repair in the event of damage. Having glass in the front and back of the device opens more doors to the possibility of breakage, making it more important than before to take advantage of cases and screen protectors.

New MacBook Air Doesn’t Break the Bank

Selling for approximately one-thousand dollars in the United States, the MacBook Air is seeing some economical improvements in the form of a much cheaper model coming this year. The cheaper computer is said to measure in at 13” and will be sold at a reduced price to help Apple increase sales and ramp up interest from Android users.

While Apple has seen no lack of enthusiasm by users for their devices, the company has made it clear that they want to embrace a larger consumer base throughout 2018, and are willing to drop prices to do so. Known for their higher than average price tags, this will be beneficial to those who are interested in owning a MacBook Air but have never been able to afford one at full price.

New Color iPhone X for Fall 2018

Whatever the reason, Apple enthusiasts always seem to celebrate the arrival of a new colored device. Hopefully, this trend will carry over for the company as the iPhone X reportedly debuts in gold later this year. The new color is expected in September of 2018; although so far, the color change is only heard in whispers and has yet to be announced by Apple themselves.

It isn’t just the color that the iPhone X will see updated. New slim designs and face recognition will be implemented in a bigger, more streamlined version of the iPhone X, as well as a more economic version related to the iPhone X family.

Apple Watch Now Tracks Winter Sports

The Apple Watch Series 3 was designed with user health in mind, and the latest version seems to have taken into account the winter sports enthusiast. Aside from calories consumed, heart rate, and step counter, the watch can now track activities for those hitting the slopes on skis. This is meant to be beneficial for athletes and those training for events.

New Headphones for Apple

Move over, Beats. Apple is reportedly creating a new style of headphone to rival the high-quality audio products currently available on the market. The new listening devices should be launched before the end of 2018, or early in 2019. The headphone design will be over the ears, rather than the usual airpod design, and will retail for less than airpods as well.

If you’re up to date on Apple ownership, you probably know that the tech giant already owns Beats. This latest headphone endeavor seems not only to be related to improving and evolving the current headphone designs offered, but to keep the product on brand.

The hope is for the over the ear headphones to offer premium listening with the same comfort and convenience offered by the airpods. Apple won’t be getting rid of airpods, however, as can be witnessed by the report of many changes coming to the listening devices in 2019. One such change includes a water-resistant exterior.

No More Crumbs in Your MacBook

Most Apple upgrades come in the form of OS changes and other digital advancements, but it appears that the tech giant is also taking hardware seriously this year. The latest advancement, aside from price, in regards to the MacBook, is a change to the keyboard.

Keyboards see their fair share of sticky fingers, dust, spilled drinks, and more, so Apple users can rejoice at the announcement made on March 8th that a new keyboard design is in the works to reduce or eliminate the amount of debris which gets trapped in the keys. The design was developed with food crumbs in mind. The crumbs may not necessarily cause as much damage as other forms of debris that could hit your keyboard, like liquid for example, but they do cause an inconvenience while typing. Unfortunately, it isn’t likely that this latest endeavor by Apple will be implemented on the new cheaper MacBook air.

More upgrades and changes to Apple and its products are definitely on the horizon. For more information on Apple, iPhone X, and MacBook Air, visit the Newsroom at the official Apple website. The company is constantly updating to provide consumers and developers with pertinent information on upgrades and evolutions of their devices and operating systems.