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Periscope & Meerkat – How to use Live Streaming for your business.

We are obsessed with the possibilities of Periscope and Meerkat.  Periscope and Meerkat offer live streams from an easy to download app.  Viewers can follow, chat, and “heart” your live stream instantly. Ideas:  Imagine if you’re a Salon and you could teach a braid technique in front of millions of people live? Live cooking classes […]

Tinder and Grindr – What you can learn from the dating apps.

With over 1 billion impressions a day Tinder has grown in 2 years into the #1 dating app in the world.  Right behind that is the Gay dating app, Grindr – who within a few years “rebranded” from hookup app to dating site securing mainstream advertising dollars that has left the 100% owner of the […]

The “Magic Number” with Retention Marketing

Yes, many industry standards for metrics of engagements and retention are different.  At the end of the day you have have to look and see what keeps your clients. Twitters magic number is 30.  Users who followed 30 others were much more likely to remain engaged and use the service.  Facebook was 10.  Users who […]

The Verizon-AOL Deal.

The Verizon-AOL Deal.  Why and what it means for you. Verizon, has approached AOL about a possible acquisition/joint venture.  While the companies have some similar services the most usual result would be the access to Mobile and Digital-video ads. Verizon has 100 Million mobile service users and 6.5 million broadband internet service users.  While AOL […]

Leverage your product: How to make sure it’s worth growing

Product demand Sit down and ask yourself. Are you answering the needs of the consumer? Will they miss you if you were not in the market place. If your answer is is less then 40% you should revise until you have an answer to market need. One of the crazy facts about me as an […]

10 Awesome Sites with Free Stock Photos.

We had a few run in’s with Getty Images recently, man was that’s a pain! To explain, Getty and other companies are buying the rights to images or are running scans on images all across the internet to find infringement.  Unfortunately if you are found using the photos, they skip the cease and desist and […]

All About Landing Pages

Landing pages are created for the sole purpose of driving traffic to a particular website and can be very beneficial to any SEO campaign.  This page will generally display content that corresponds with the advertisement or link and is optimized to facet specific keywords and phrases.  So I know what you’re thinking…what makes landing pages […]

Advertising Online

Some websites might benefit from using paid advertisements online in order to complement their SEO campaign and pull in a higher quantity of traffic.  There are many different forms of paid advertising on the Web, such as Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Pay-Per-Call (PPC), and Content Targeting.  People who choose to use paid advertising set up a budget […]

Google: My Life on the Black-List

Often people get caught up in the excitement of getting their site on the 1st page of Google so quickly that they end up taking SEO a little too far and hurt their overall rankings.  They often try to manipulate the system by overusing SEO techniques in an attempt to boost their rankings much faster.  […]

Google Dance

A problem many SEO companies are faced with is a fluctuation in page rankings and positioning for their clients websites. People hire you to get their site good rankings and when those rankings slip it falls on you to figure out why. While one week a client’s website will be ranking high on Page 2, […]


Two of the most popular ways of promoting your business online are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. If done correctly they both have the ability to get you on the first page of the search engines for your targeted terms, but the question is, which one gives you the most bang for […]

Google vs. Yahoo/Bing

Why is it that when we start an SEO campaign it seems extremely difficult to win over both Google and Yahoo/Bing at the same time?  When we begin to develop great rankings for one search engine, they often tend to drop for the other.  Accomplishing high rankings on both search engines can feel like trying […]