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3 Reasons I Hate Clickbaiting That Will (or Will Not) Shock You!

1. Blatant Lies! It all started on a cool sunny Sunday in San Diego when the New England Patriots had just been eliminated from the playoffs and life was seemingly good. I figured I’d revel in the playoff defeat of my AFC divisional foes (Let’s Go JETS) by perusing through ESPN’s vast library of postgame coverage […]

Local SEO: Three Things Small Businesses Should Know

According to 2014 Google study, approximately 50% of mobile users are more likely to visit your store after conducting a local search. As a small business owner, jumping into the local SEO game may seem daunting or even down right confusing. Don’t worry, here are a few things to consider when getting started. It Starts […]

Top 3 Digital Marketing Practices For the Recording Industry

In 2014, the music recording industry saw 54% growth in revenue in streaming services like Pandora, Apple’s Beats Music and Spotify. Meanwhile, albums sales continued their decline by posting an 11% loss in the same year. The move to streaming services coupled with music festivals and micro tours have proved as a sufficient revenue stream […]