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Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

Image courtesy of Shannon Hauser. We love the Internet. Seriously, we do. And since we spend majority of our time on the World Wide Web, we’ve run into a few browser extensions that have helped make our lives a little easier. Because majority of our day revolves around Google, it’s only natural that Google Chrome is […]

Nepal Earthquake: How Facebook Safety Check Helps Families Locate Loved Ones

  Image courtesy of Nirmal Dulal.   April 25th, 2015 marked a devastating day for the country of Nepal and adjoining areas of India, China, and Bangladesh. As the countries grapple with the aftermath of the most powerful disaster to strike Nepal since 1934, a recently introduced Facebook application may be helping the families and friends […]

The Breakdown of #Mobilegeddon in 5 Minutes

Image courtesy of krheesy. Photo was altered for this piece.     Mobilegeddon is here. Well, as of Tuesday (April 21, 2015). Commence heavy breathing. Here are five things you need to know about Google’s algorithm change and what it means for you, all in less than five minutes. 1. What is Mobilegeddon? Simply put, Google […]

Google and Twitter Sitting in a Tree…

Image courtesy of Andreas Eldh.   If there is one thing that is constant in the ever changing landscape of the digital world, it’s that the Internet loves a good partnership. In the past few months we’ve seen unions between Twitter and Meerkat, Twitter and Foursquare, Twitter and Periscope, are you picking up on the […]

10 Social Media Hacks You Need to Know- Like Now

  The Social Media landscape is ever changing, and to be honest, that’s one of the many reasons why we love it! Social media has forever restructured the way businesses communicate with their customers. What used to be a one-way dialogue is now a two-way conversation between company and consumer, allowing for opportunities to establish […]

Valentine’s Day Cards for SEO Lovers (Literally)

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day card is a challenge. You know what’s even more challenging? Finding the perfect Valentine for your co-worker. Because everyone does that, right? We decided that it was time to show a little love to the people we spend more time with than we’d like to admit. The relationships you establish […]

The Importance of Social Media in Marketing

Whether you’re a business or an online community, you know the importance of standing out from the crowd and creating your own voice. The question is, how is this done effectively today? As the competition becomes tougher, and the market more saturated, new ways to market yourself have become widely used among businesses to achieve […]