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Black Cat SEO

October 31, 2010

Yes…We know its a stretch 😉

A Halloween and Marketing Curse Black cats carry an omen of evil and bad luck. When a black cat crosses your path, bad things will follow. The same will happen if you allow black hat techniques into your SEO campaign. Although it won’t be just superstition in your way, it will be the Google goblins. White hat SEO techniques can be considered the work of a Mad Scientist. It is a difficult and on-going balance of just the right spices and strategies. Always mysterious and ever-changing like a full moon. As SEO must adapt to the changes in search engine rules it must be reviewed constantly to maintain your rankings and bring in those coveted conversions. Black hat techniques include spamdexing, link farms, key word stuffing, and article spinning. We are not meant to be web witches or warlocks. Google sees through the spells of these strategies and punishes you like a pirate sent off the plank. When you are told such things as “unlimited key words” or “1,000 links for $20”…Beware of Black “Cat” SEO!