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Book Industry and eReading – Marketing View.

November 15, 2010

I went to a new library this week. Since then, I have been thinking about the future of libraries and how internet marketing affects this hobby of mine. All of my preparation for the library visit included searching for the required information: directions, hours of operation, events, phone number, renewals, etc. I use the internet to search for book reviews, read articles about authors, and use to purchase my favorites. I am informed and knowledgeable by the time I get to the new library, I even have the reference numbers for the books that I have chosen, that I know are available, and which aisle they are located on.

I love to read. I love to hold the book in my hands as awkward and heavy as it may seem in comparison to a Kindle. I love the smell of the paper and thinking about who read this story before me. I love going to the library! I know there are struggles ahead for the stand alone libraries but there is light at the end of the fully stacked shelf.

How is the internet affecting the book industry?

– In mid 2010 it was reported by the American Publishing Association that eBooks represent 8.5% of total annual sales.

– reported in July 2010 that it sells 180 eBooks for every 100 hardcover book.

It is obvious that the book industry will continue to be successful. The internet has provided an additional avenue to share information and promote your book online. To share reviews, critiques, and thumbs-ups with strangers as if they were in your book club! As eBooks continue to grow and grow in popularity, internet marketing will become the most important tool for exposure…a pattern we recognize daily.