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Borders New E-commerce Site Now in Preview Phase

October 7, 2006

Site will allow customers to purchase products using an interactive catalogue
In what some might term a bold Internet marketing move, Borders announced this week that a new version of their e commerce site will launch in 2008. This new Web site will end the alliance between Inc and Borders that first began in 2001. When users log onto the site’s new home page, they will be greeted by a 3-D shelf of actual book covers. This new website interface, called Magic Shelf, will become personalized over time based on the preferences of the individual users. Improved search engine capabilities, and the capability of the new site to record an create individual user preference lists are some of the additional features of the new, highly anticipated site.

Currently, the Borders/Amazon site is formatted much like an Amazon store site, with the signature tabs located near the top of the screen, and a re-direct that is personalized for the individual Amazon/Borders shopper.

The site, currently available for preview in beta test form, is a hybrid of an interactive online community, where members can post reviews and comments about books and music. On the site, interviews with leading authors, and movie reviews will also be posted. The new site can be previewed at

Our overarching strategy is to be a true cross channel retailer that offers our customers a rich experience that enhances the way the y access and use information and entertainment,” said Borders Group Chief Executive Officer George Jones. “Many retailers are multi channel, meaning the y operate in one more than one channel, but we are seeking to differentiate Borders by blending the best of the online shopping experience with the best of the bricks and mortar experience to create a greater overall customer s experience. That’s why it is so important for us to hear what customers have to say about our beta site. When the new launches in 2008, it will truly be created with our customers and not just for them, unlike a traditional e-commerce site.”
Borders Group, Inc, located in Ann Arbor Michigan has more than 500 stores nationwide and several in the UK. The company currently employs mot than 32,000 throughout its stores, and currently has 18 million customers enrolled in the Borders Rewards loyalty program, according to the Borders Group, Inc, corporate website.