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Branding Your Social Media Made Easy

December 18, 2018

Social media has become a staple of modern marketing, but it can also be the reason you slip beneath the radar of consumers. Your company begins and ends with your brand, and if you haven’t built a brand which is recognizable and resonating with your target consumers, you could be on your way to social media invisibility. In online marketing, it isn’t just about being seen and noticed, it’s about building an online presence which your audience can trust. When consumers aren’t visiting a shop in person or meeting the sales staff one on one, there’s a greater chance they won’t humanize your brand. You must be the voice and face behind your brand when a brick and mortar location can’t be. So, what can you do to get ahead and make yourself more visible? Here are a few tips to build more reliable followers and increase overall awareness for your brand and message.

Don’t Just be Consistent, Be Original

One of the first things you learn about social media posts and search engine optimization is the more content and the more regularly content is posted, the better you appear as a website and a business. This is true, of course, but only if the content you’re posting is relevant, holds authority, and is original. Your brand is competing against hundreds, maybe thousands, of others in its category across the internet. Remember that online businesses, even if you only sell within the U.S. market, have a broader range of sales to promote and spans far more ground than a simple brick and mortar location with catalogue mailers and newsletters. To create a unique and distinctive voice for your brand, you not only need to be diligent in the amount of content you write and how frequently it’s posted, but also the way that your content reads to an audience. Is your brand trying to be for the people, for the environment, its own entity with a cause all its own? These are some of the thoughts you should try to convey in tone and language. This part of the marketing process might seem tedious, but it’s synonymous with success, and lets you perfect a voice for your brand over time. Keep that consistency with tone and eventually you’ll develop a very effective and unique character for your company.

Create an Aesthetic Component for Your Brand

Not everybody is wooed and won with words. For some consumers, these slogans and messages run from one page into the next and it’s tough to distinguish what is being said. This is where a branded logo comes in handy. Having a visual component to your marketing campaign makes your social media account more noticeable, and most importantly, more memorable than those without. Some businesses fear the logo development process out of a lack of experience or due to intimidation. Fortunately, brand and logo building has been made easy through the use of modern apps. Some apps include simple templates, shapes, stamps, and fonts, while others walk you through the process of developing your own. One such site, called TailorBrands, uses artificial intelligence to design an icon for your brand based on its name and description. Don’t be afraid to branch out using color, shapes, and textures in your logo. Modern marketing has come a long way, and not every brand needs to look too refined or polished. It’s okay to use color and mix and match effects until you find something you love. Remember, you want to represent your brand and look appealing to your target consumer audience while doing it.

Be True to your Brand

The content you post on social media is speaking volumes about your brand, whether you mean it to or not. You can streamline your brand’s message and keep on target with your audience by only sharing the photos, videos, or other content which you feel represents your brand. A great example of this concept is seen in many modern makeup companies, boasting animal equality and no cruelty or testing policies. If one of these creature loving brands was to tweet photos of the latest line of alligator skin purses, they then negate their link to the animal rights movement and brand themselves as false. Screening digital content, no matter how minimal, before it gets posted is a key to success in this area. Nobody knows your brand better than you do, so find a unique and direct way to share it with others. Don’t stray from your brand concept due to popular opinion or a shift in the political climate. Creating a true brand takes steadfast thinking and self-loyalty.

Increase Brand Visibility

What can a brand do outside of creating a logo, to make itself visibly known to an audience? Change your font to match your brand in both color and type-head. Your font is saying more about your business than you may have thought possible. It’s telling consumers that you weren’t experienced enough to swap it from the default settings it came with, or that your brand is enigmatic and exciting enough to use bold letter and color choices in your font choices. Whatever way you decide to build and embellish your social media brand this year, make 2019 the year you get noticed. Don’t be afraid to make changes, update your look, and create the perfect image, font, or logo to go with your otherwise on point social media marketing campaign.