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Calming the Social Media Mayhem and Reducing Online Anxiety for Better Campaigns

December 14, 2018

Every marketer knows that social media can be a zoo if you let it get out of hand. From fake news and spam ads to viral memes and celebrity Instagram feeds, there’s always something going on and it’s not always positive. Making your social media marketing campaign calm, organized and happy might seem impossible, but with the start of 2019 you can start fresh and turn your brand’s home base into a place you and your followers want to be.

Try Using a More Refined Platform

If you’re looking for the black tie/white collar of social media, it’s definitely found in LinkedIn. This site is synonymous with professional, and therefore you see more relaxed, relevant, and newsworthy content. Forget all the drama, bans, and algorithms which come along with Facebook and Twitter, and dig into a whole new sale space and a completely different and diverse group of potential clients.

If you want to have a relaxed newsfeed without trolls and bot posts, LinkedIn could hold the key to your future social media Zen. One of the most trusted websites in the social media kingdom, LinkedIn is perfect for public relation opportunities, consumer engagement, and networking with those in similar industries. This is a great place to market yourself for future partnerships and seek guest bloggers and content writers to assist in upcoming campaigns.

The best thing about LinkedIn? The way that this network is designed allows you to share your post with everybody in your selected party’s network. This means that even if you’re showing something to just one client, many potential new clients will see it. Not only this, but everything you post will be viewed in the newsfeed of connections of connections of connections to the followers you have. Nobody thinks of LinkedIn when they think of viral posts, but this sleeping giant is projected to surprise everybody in the new year, so get on board now and see what it’s all about.

Try a Tutorial Post

Take some of the aggravation out of your social media posts by using a DIY or tutorial concept. This is a simple way to create new content without hiring out a professional writer, and best of all it draws a crowd. People love tutorials, it’s the reason sites like Pinterest are so popular. And whether you choose to share your tutorial on Pinterest or keep to Facebook and Instagram is up to you. The main thing is that you do it in a way that makes followers tune in and listen. One of the most popular tutorial post methods is video. Letting followers watch each step and follow along at home is fun for everyone and easy to share with others. You could go the old-fashioned route with pictures and a write up, but let’s face it, if you’re looking for a way to minimize effort and maximize outcome, a video is quick, easy, and relatable. Plus, it gives your customers a sneak peek at who you are as a person outside of your brand and business, which is a big driving factor in brand loyalty these days.

Tweet More

This seems simple, but Twitter is one of the most convenient and laid-back ways to communicate your brand. You don’t have to sit back and think of 1000 words to describe your business; you only need 280 characters of text. This is a huge boon to those who simply don’t have the time or finances to have an entire marketing team coming up with content all day. You can keep your Twitter engaging and popular by posting often, using photos or videos, linking to products and contests, and engaging customers by commenting and responding to their own tweets.

Twitter can get a bit messy with all the fake accounts and trolls lurking about, but the company has taken massive steps in reducing the amount of spam and bots that make it into your Twitter feed. Use this as a buffer between longer social media posts, to share your separate accounts with your Twitter followers, or to have fun. Relaxing the way you think about social media marketing and having a bit of a laugh with your readers will not only improve the way you come across in your content, but the way you think about your marketing campaigns.

Draw from Other Resources

If you find yourself struggling with social media mental blocks, draw some inspiration from others. Likeminded bloggers, and leaders within your industry are sure to post fun and interactive content from time to time and there’s nothing wrong with sharing that content and adding your two cents. Simply reposting isn’t enough though, to make it relevant to your business and brand, you’ve got to add a caption, turn it into an event or promotion of some kind, and always acknowledge the resource.

There are many ways to reduce social media marketing stress and it all starts with your though process. There will always be naysayers and nuisances on the internet but ignoring the negative and focusing on the positive will always make your marketing more enjoyable. The age of the internet has created so many fun methods of marketing that were never an option even ten years ago. Take advantage of each new opportunity as it arises and rather than feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of trying something new, grab the bulls by the horn and have some fun with it. Videos, pictures, games, contests, memes, and GIFs are all engaging and add a little pizzazz to an otherwise bland campaign.