BrightHaus Digital Marketing Agency

Bobby Berk

Bobby Berk Home is a fashionable furniture company based out of Los Angeles, with a focus on modern designs.

Bobby Berk was a new business when they came to us and needed an aggressive SEO push, including ways to help their site convert.

Our strategy was to help optimize what was a huge website.  The site also had no link power.  Across the course of the first 6 months we:

  • Researched the best keywords we knew would convert for the client.
  • Drilled down and compared competitors and how we could navigate a massively competitive industry.
  • Optimized his website with an impressive internal linking structure and content.
  • Initiated a link building campaign through competitor link building and PR outreach.
  • Some trade secrets we won’t post here 😉

BrightHaus helped the site flourish within 6 months, garnering page 1 placements for a plethora of keywords. BBH’s traffic grew from almost nothing to 20,000 hits a month within this period, launching this new brand to new heights.